Monday, August 13, 2012

8 days between me and failure/success

It looms. Big, dangerous and scary as anything.

In just 8 short days I could be "unsuccessful" at my Kickstarter campaign. That innocuous word belies the effort I've poured into this campaign and the pain I'll feel if it is applied to me.

In the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I'd still have the book draft to edit, polish and, eventually publish. I'd have worked to refine my book pitch and shared my story with numerous friends. And I would have learned a lot about myself and the publishing process.

But I'm scared right now.

I'm also excited. Being at 35% of my funding goal (needing just $4,500 to finish) means that I have a 90% chance of being successful. It puts me in the upper echelons of all Kickstarter campaigns. It means that, for three months at least, I can work full-time on my novel to get it ready for you to read.

It means that I'm 8 days away from my dream. In just over a week I could have the goal of years within my grasp. See, this campaign has been going on for 22 days, but this path has been one I've walked all my life. And I'm almost there.

$5 from 900 people
$10 from 450 people
$25 from 180 people
$50 from 90 people

I'm just that close.

Please click here and then click the big, green button on the right. Anything helps.