Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lizard Brain

I'm immersed in fear, baptized by it.
I die within it, consumed. 
Each plunge, each little-death wakes the old panic.
The beast struggles to live.
Bowel-gripping hands pull, grope and claw;
hope flutters away. 

But I've done this before;
I've died this death.
Dying, I yet live. 
But knowledge cannot eclipse pain.
Familiarity breeds connection. 
I know full well the consequences, yet I continue.

Remembrance tells me I will rise again.
History declares the breath will come before I drown.
My fear has no scholar's memory.
For this moment, I'm drowning. 


Unknown said...

Well crafted, my friend. And I know exactly what you mean.

James T Wood said...

Thanks - for both sentiments.

I was wondering if this had just fallen flat. I suppose that would qualify as irony :)