Sunday, December 05, 2010

First Fruit, Next The World

A Japanese robot has been designed that can select and pick the ripest strawberries automatically. I have been called the "Robot Defender" but since my cries have fallen on deaf ears I had despaired of ever raising the awareness of our coming demise.

Our only hope is to implant our current strawberry pickers with cyborg implants to give them the edge they need to stave off the machines.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oft Neglected, Ne'er Forgot

I have absolutely no idea what the image to the right has to do with anything, but it came up when I searched Google using the title of this blog.

I haven't been here much lately because I've been off telling people how to use PowerPoint and how to be married. I've also found that Facebook takes a lot of my blogging ideas and sucks them away. It's not often that I really need to write more than just a few words on any of my thoughts.

I am thinking a lot about how the internet changes us. We are thinking differently than we did even a decade ago. Our brains are adapting to the flow of information and the way we process and share information is being forced to change.

Some people descry this change as being bad or a passing fad, others embrace it wholly and want to discard the old way of doing things. What if there's a different way? What if we accept the changes that are occurring, but we choose to make them? What if we peer ahead into the future and we chart a course of our own?

Or am I just crazy?