Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free at last

Free ice cream at Ben and Jerry's today from 12pm to 8pm

Free coffee at Starbucks tomorrow if you bring in your own mug

Free awesome right here all day every day

Free from grad school in T-minus 11 days

Monday, April 06, 2009

April Fools is over, but

I just saw this product. It's not a joke, but it should be.

Also, I didn't reveal our greatest April Fool's joke sooner because it involved a wee bit of mail fraud.

Check the whole thing here. The short of it is that we sent a letter to some friends of ours in the guise of a product recall for a diaper cream that we know they use. We recommended that they seek medical attention if experiencing any of the side effects listed:
rash, discoloration, mysochonosis, spontaneous dental hydroplosion, anal fissures, mandibular dislocation, acute or chronic hyperhydrosis, partial or complete bifurcation.

They totally bought it, and didn't figure it out until we called them to find out if they had heard about the product recall. They even noticed that the letter was from someone with the same name as me.

We are the champions my friends!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

All Instant - All the Time

I just found out that with a certain coffee company's new instant coffee breakthrough and the climate of the global economy they have decided to only brew instant coffee in their stores.

I'm not very happy about this. I joined up, in part, due to the love of coffee and the beans. Even though this is pretty good for instant coffee, that's like saying the Dixie Chicks are pretty good for country music - it's still bad, just not as bad.

So, unless the people rise up and do something about this, all the coffee (both drip and espresso drinks) will be instant. When they tried to stop breakfast sandwiches the masses rose up and changed their mind, we can stop this too. Just click here to sign the petition and help preserve good coffee for all.