Monday, February 23, 2009

Milking the issues

This is a post about the Oscars, so if you don't care, then you can stop reading right now.

At the Oscars last night the movie "Milk" won for best screenplay and Sean Penn won for best actor.  Heath Ledger won for best supporting actor as the Joker in "Dark Night."  

Here's my issue: the academy doesn't want to recognize truly great work, they want to recognize what is popular.  I haven't seen "Milk" so I can't really judge whether the performance was that as good as they say.  However, it is my opinion that the win had a lot more to do with the subject matter of the movie than with the actual performance (I call this the "Brokeback effect").

Additionally, Heath Ledger had to win for playing the Joker.  Since he died there was no other option.  I genuinely think he did an amazing job in playing the Joker, but no one else had a chance of winning because they didn't die.  Now they can't be upset that they lost otherwise they will be jerks, and they can never know if their performance was the best or not (because they didn't die).


Mark said...

Yeah, I'm with you. I didn't even bother to watch, because I totally don't respect these awards at this point.

I was telling Carolina after we saw "Fireproof" together that it could have easily won some Oscars if, instead of having the husband deciding to return to his wife, he decided to become gay with one of the other fire fighters.

Gay = Hollywood Win. Every time.

Just ridiculous. They're so predictable, it's pathetic.

Rebecca said...

You know, I thought the same thing with Heath Ledger - and don't get me wrong - I'm a fan. I learned last night in one of the interviews that he is only the 2nd person to win an Oscar posthumously (sp?). So - I had to shut my mouth - and I think you do too. :):):)

"Ledger follows in the steps of Peter Finch, who was posthumously named best actor more than 30 years ago for his performance in 1976's "Network."

On a side note - I LOVED The Visitor which was the film Richard Jenkins was nominated for. Brilliant!

Jake Shore said...

I flipped past the Oscars long enough to see Ben Stiller making fun of Joaquin Phoenix, had a good chuckle and moved on. Later I saw the highlights and had to endure wathcing Sean Penn give his self-righteous acceptance speech. Can you think of a group of more condescending, narcissistic ass-clowns than these people?

Betweeen the Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Screen Actors Guild awards, it seems all they do is congratulate themselves. What's worse is that they take themselves so seriously. Listen to their interviews. You'd think they were curing cancer.

Tim said...

Mark is right. Peter Finch's other Oscar win: Sunday Bloody Sunday, where he plays a gay Jewish doctor.

tabitha jane said...

sean's acceptance speech actually gave me goosebumps. i haven't seen the film, so i can't say how well he acted or not. but i humbly disagree with the statement that he is a "Condescending, narssicstic ass-clown"

James T Wood said...

Those may be harsh words to level against Mr. Penn. My opinion of him is not terribly favorable, primarily because I would prefer that actors stick to acting. If he wants to be a politician he should quit his day job and run for office (it's been done before). If he wants to get paid millions of dollars to run his mouth for my entertainment, then he should be a bit more entertaining.

rich jandt said...

I just don't like Sean Penn's face