Thursday, February 05, 2009

Don Miller thinks you are a fat loser if you use a Mac

Don Miller just blogged about Mac users.  Check out some experpts:

Apple, having been a minority share-holder in the market branded themselves as aloof outsiders, swimming upstream in a culture of conformists. But in all reality, those of us who have fallen for this campaign are the worst offenders. I would even argue the use of Apple products, to some degree, mark us as the most insecure about our identities.
Apple products are defended with near-religious zest. But in our zest are we defending a company or our own identites? Perhaps what we’ve been offered is a brand to associate ourselves with, a brand that triggers our survival instincts, revealing we don’t believe we have enough to survive without this association? Perhaps the use of Apple products reveals insecurity more than it reveals confidence. . .

If you think about it, the most confident of counter-culture heros aren’t talking on i-phones, wearing designer jeans or jumping in the air in their facebook photos (why are all the hipsters suddenly jumping in their facebook photos? Why didn’t anybody call me to say we were doing that?) but instead are the people most of us might not notice. The reason we don’t notice these people is because they offer us no beneficial association. They buy products because the products work, they buy jeans because they cover their asses, and coats because a certain coat will keep them warm. A true counter culture is not manipulated by the whims of fashion and therefore is not made up of fashionable people.

I recommend reading the entire post, but that short quote will probably be enough to get mac fanboys doing some drive-by comment-flaming.

On another note, I like the way Don organizes his blog so that the first sentence of each paragraph is in bold so one can quickly scan the post and get the jist of things.  Good job DM.


Unknown said...

Oh, I do love the iPhone. Not because I want to be associated with the crowds of Apple people, or the anti-Blackberry people, or with any other group--doesn't enter the thinking for me. Or maybe it does a little; sometimes I'm embarrassed to own the darn thing because I don't want to be associated with iPhone people. I just think the darn thing works so freakin' well.

Somehow, the article you posted is deeply satisfying. *grin*

Justin P. Lewis said...

You forgot to mention Don Miller uses Apple products.

James T Wood said...

I didn't want to out him as a fat loser . . .

Leah said...

I confess that when I got my Mac Book it was only partly out of necessity for something reliable and light weight. The other part was because everyone around me had a Mac of some sort and I wanted one too.

So believe it or not, I think the Lord taught me a lesson about giving in to peer pressure and my new Mac laid "broken" for SEVEN months... it broke less than a month after I got it when I dropped it off the side of my bed.

The rest of the story: We didn't have the $$ to fix it right away. I had to work and save to be able to pay cash to get it fixed which was supposed to be about $750. I learned a bit about humility and thankfulness and not being pressured by "the trend" during those seven months. Then when I went in to pay for the fix the clerk said I didn't owe anything for it. - I had nearly $900 cash in my hand and I didn't HAVE to spend it on my computer. I spent some of that on a few bells and whistles but I have learned and still appreciate the lesson.

I'm not a fat loser because I have a Mac. I'm efficient and well equipped because I one, but I also don't make others feel on-the-outside if they don't have a Mac. I WAS a fat loser for giving in to the pressure of the trend. But I'm done with that.