Friday, January 16, 2009

Can't it be both?

The question: "Can't it be both?" has become a common refrain in our house.  It works so well as a response to many questions.

"Are you making fun of me or do you really hate the yarn fest over in Sisters?"

"Do you want cake or pie for dessert?"

"Are you going to take a nap this afternoon or sleep late tomorrow morning?"

See how well that works?  It's a great response.  But since we've been using this to confound and confuse one another, we have found our joke to have a more serious meaning.  Too often religious questions are posed as "or" questions in order to separate groups.

"Do you immerse or sprinkle?"

"Do you use instruments or are you acappella?"

"Are you conservative or liberal?"

Why do we have to limit and confine ourselves by these either-or questions?  So much of our religious discussion has turned divisive when that has very little to do with the ministry of Jesus.  When he was asked either-or questions his responses were often similar.

"Should we pay taxes to Caesar or not?

"Will there be marriage in heaven or won't there?"

"Did you come to unite us or divide us?"


rich jandt said...

You and Tim both had good thoughts today.
You should write a book.

Paula said...

Have you seen the "everything is spiritual" video by Rob Bell? Some similar thoughts... good stuff!