Monday, October 06, 2008

All Discovered Up

So we're back from Discovery Lab and boy did we discover a lot. If you're super curious you can check out the links for some more details.

We had an intense, awesome, exciting week with some godly people. All the prayers were answered. God spoke his wisdom into our lives through the community of his people empowered by his Spirit.

So here's the deal: we need more experience. We have a lot of the tools necessary to be successful church planters, and I feel that God confirmed that he has placed a church inside me. But it's not ready to come out yet. The next step is for me to work full time in ministry and to get intentional about developing the skills I need (evangelism, leadership, and preaching).

Got any leads?

More prayers will be appreciated.

Here I'm doing a great job of catching Ryan . . .

But Jessica doesn't trust me.

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