Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Nervous

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On Sunday we head out for Discovery Lab with Kairos Church Planting Support. From the Kairos Website:
Discovery Lab is designed to provide you both these tools. It a behavioral assessment to help you, as a church planter candidate, gather information about yourself to see more clearly where you might best serve the kingdom with your abilities and skills. The final outcome of Discovery Lab is a Church Planter Profile summarizing your character traits, ministry skills and readiness for church planting.

I'm nervous because this is a major step in our journey toward church planting. There is a lot on the line here. We've been dreaming about this for years now. We moved across the country for school. We moved into the neighborhood where we feel God has called us to plant a church. Now in just a few days we will submit our dreams and plans to the oversight and direction of Kairos.

I would really appreciate your prayers for us.


breanna said...

i think being nervous is okay. but i also think that God has presented each step that has led you to this point, and that He tends to have rather lovely plans for those to follow along. so, i trust that a lot will be discovered in the lab, not the least of which is that you are right where you're supposed to be.

and also, i'm praying.

tabitha jane said...

let us know how it goes!

tabitha jane said...

oh and this might be out of the blue, but i was reading rob bell's "sex god" last week . . . and got to thinking . . . i think i lent you my "what paul really said about women" book . . . do you still have it? did you read it? what did you think?

Jason said...

God bless the Woods at Discovery Lab so they can bless you and bless others in your name. May they rest secure in your will and go out in peace with your grace and power. Amen.

KMiV said...

We will be keeping you in prayer. Discovery Lab is exciting, all the work and preparation come together for affirmation by your peers. God speaks through the group and you find out if you have what God needs to start a new work. Your giftedness is also made clear in that evaluation. Lori and I had one of our best times during the lab--even though 2 of the boys were sick and the power went out during a Feb. ice storm.

It's like a test in class--all your hard work pays off during the test. The test is a reflection of your preparation and dedication to what you have learned. It is an exciting time.