Saturday, August 09, 2008

CERN Large Hadron Collider

On September 10th the CERN Large Hadron Collider will go online in Europe. It aims to solve some of the mysteries of particle physics by accelerating stuff and then crashing it together so that is all blows up. Then they look at what comes out to see what stuff is made of.

Too sciency for you? Sorry.

Check out this rap by the people building the collider:

Some people are afear'd that this thing will break the earth by ripping time open or creating a black hole inside the earth or something.


JTankers said...

Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler is affear'd, sos I.

A nightmarish situation, that can still be hoped to be averted in time through communication within the scientific community, is drawn attention to. Only a few weeks remain to find out whether the danger is real or nothing but a mirage. After this time window is closed, it will take years until we know whether or not we are doomed. The story line has all the features of a best-selling novel. The reader is asked to contribute constructively.

Abstract from Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler’s plea to the world below, copy available on

Quote from Dr. Otto E. Rossler, Professor Theoretical Biochemist, visiting Professor of Theoretical Physics, inventor of the Rossler Attractor, founder of Endophysics, winner of the 2003 Chaos Award of the University of Liege and the 2003 Rene Descartes Award.

rich jandt said...

I also have read quite a bit about the possible side effects.

A co-worker of mine suggested it would bring about the end of the universe as predicted by the Mayans. Although she provided no scientific proof at all.

Can you imagine if this is the thing that kills us all. Not global warming, not atomic weapons, not the Y chromosome loosing it’s potency, or rampant homosexuality, or the second coming of Jesus?

What will come out? Super heated plasma? Dark energy or dark matter? A unification theory that will make sence? It’s all too interesting and scary.

Maybe this is the first step to light sabers though.

Tim said...
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Tim said...

If you want to read about some cool nuclear power stuff, read this: Portable Nuclear Power

James T Wood said...

Nothing says passion about an issue like mass blog comments . . .

I want a light saber, or a light cheese knife even.

I also want my own nuke-ular reactor in my basement.

Tim said...

Jose Reyes, from the PopSci article, also happens to go to Circle Church of Christ in Corvallis. His daughter is a member of Cascade Hills here in Salem.

Alan said...

There was concern with Manhattan Project scientists before the first atomic bomb test. The concern was that the nuclear reaction would cause the sky to catch on fire. So what did they do...set off the bomb. There are enough of these bombs sitting underground in bunkers in an undisclosed location in southern Nevada that theoretically could all go off and set fire to the sky. Spooky place. I would not want to ever go back in there again.

Alan said...

All this take of destruction wants me to chill and draw some more wienerdogs on my blog