Monday, July 21, 2008

Ow. Or, NaNoWriMo for your pecs.

So I was kickin' it over at Life Hacker letting my inner nerd run free and they had a post about going from 0 to a Hundred Pushups in 6 weeks.

Wait, what? This is my nerdy-nerd site, they aren't supposed to tell me about exercise.

Unfortunately I'm also reading a great book about how brains work, and the first rule is to exercise for optimal brain function. Oh, that's the connection between push ups and nerdiness.

So I'm going to try it! Remember, this is a plan to start at slug level, so don't worry about where you are if you want to join in. They have all different types of push ups to work with all different strength levels. C'mon, you should do this too.

If this is successful the next step is couch to 5k in 6 weeks.

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