Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Laptop Survey

Hey all you laptop toting friends: I have a question for you. What do you want in a lappie? Is it better to have a big, powerful machine that can do whatever you want? Is it better to have a light and portable system that is easy to lug around?

I'll probably be getting a new rig in a few months and I'm trying to decide what to get.


Jennifer B. Davis said...

I'd vote for smaller, lighter every day of the week (and twice on Sunday). I don't like to use my laptop undocked (as I need two big monitors to work), so the smaller, but powerful machines are best. I have the smallest Dell laptop they had when mine was purchased and it is good. Better yet, I use my Blackberry for most things and find its size just about perfect.

Now, if you are going to be using it in a Starbucks and expecting to get actual work done it (like spreadsheets or the like) then go with a bigger monitor, which might necessitate a bigger laptop. If you are just going to be doing email, browsing the internet, etc, then go small, I say.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

I say you should get one that will be good for a long time, simple and pretty so that I can use it when it becomes a hand-me-down to me.
By the way, I didn't know that we would be getting one in the next couple of months. Who decided to buy one for you?

James T Wood said...

shhhhh, don't tell!

Oh, wait . . .

"In a few months" refers to when I will be getting a new laptop for the church planting stuff going on. Hopefully some nice supporters will decide to "buy" it for us.

rich jandt said...

Does E-machine make a lap-top?

rebecca marie said...

i think the one in the picture should work fine. it looks to be light weight, modern and most of all, it's aesthetically pleasing.

Justin said...

i would get the really good computer, but don't get the 17" screen, the 17" is too big for some bags and is pretty heavy, but you can get a super good 14.1" or 15.4" really nice.

Unknown said...

I have lived both sides of this fence in the last couple of years. I've owned a high-end 17" desktop-replacement laptop with a ton of horsepower that weighed as much as some European cars. I have also owned a light-and-tight 14.1" laptop which weighed less than some paper notebooks.

Here's the dividing line. If you are going to pack this baby up and set it up in a different location, sans power cord, more than twice in a given week, then go for a 14" little guy with a fast processor, the fastest HD you can buy and as much RAM as you can afford. Get one with a video card and dedicated video memory if you want the slightest chance of playing games on it.

Otherwise, go for a 17". You will constantly love the huge screen and won't really mind the extra weight if you only move it a few times a week. They make tons of 17" bags that will fit all your gear.

At the end of the day, you are talking a net difference of 3-4 pounds and about 30% less battery life.

These days, either way you go isn't that big of a tradeoff.

Tammie's Thoughts said...

I love my Mac book!

Leah said...

Having toted around both a PC laptop and a Mac laptop I have to vote for the Mac for more than the size difference.

Mac will last longer, perform better, and "bug" you less. However if everyone around you uses PCs and you will need to do work w/ PC based programs (word and excel) be sure to get the latest version of Windows for Mac. It screams in cross platform work.

Not only that but if you do have issues you don't have to sit on the phone with a tech person. You can take your machine into the "Genius Bar" (they call it that for a reason) and the folks there will help you glide back into service.

It's a 14 incher, lighter and smaller than the PC laptop we used to have.

I LOVE my Mac Book. It's pretty much the BMW of computers.