Saturday, July 19, 2008

Divine Affirmation

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I don't want to jump on the wagon of attributing everything that ever happens to divine intervention. I think that God has given us free will for a reason (ask me, and I'll tell you), and a whole lot of what goes on in life is better attributed to our freedom and the laws of nature. But I do believe that God is in the business of breaking into our world with glimpses of his kingdom (in fact, I think that's what the church is supposed to be doing).

All that qualifying stuff said: I love it when God gives some affirmation to what I've been planning. Church planting can be nervous work - we are stepping out in faith with no guaranteed paycheck or congregation. But we believe that God has called us to this work and that he will provide for us. I always get chills when the provision confirms the call. Even though it has happened a bunch of times, I still find myself surprised when God steps in and provides for us.

Thanks to the Living Streams Church of Christ for helping us with our Discovery Lab expenses. Especially, thank you for being the voice of God helping to confirm his calling in our lives.

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KMiV said...

Great to hear James. The Living Streams church is a church plant that was one of the first churches to help Agape. They continue to have a heart for new churches and it is good to hear that they are helping you and Andrea out.

Look forward to seeing you. Great job keeping things going while we were gone. You guys will be off on your own soon.