Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cuss Words

The Seattle Supersonics are no more.

It was difficult for me to even type that sentence. I haven't been around for all 41 years of the team's history in Seattle, but as long as I've been alive there have been Sonics in Seattle. Now the team has died in the settlement between the city of Seattle and the devil . . . er . . . Clay Bennet. Oklahoma gets the team; Seattle gets the name - and the memories. There will be no Sonics in Oklahoma, but the entire organization, under a different name, will move there.

I wonder how the Blazers are going to do this season . . .


Tim said...

I'm so sick of professional sports. They're all about money, and when we start dragging in taxpayer dollars into building giant arenas when the old ones are perfectly fine is ridiculous. Make the owners pay for the stadium if they want to be owners. These are large businesses and they should have to pay for it themselves.

I shouldn't be forced to pay for building something that belongs to someone else. When government has to get involved in sports, we're all screwed.

Besides, Oklahoma. Seriously? Do they even watch anything besides football there?

Jake Shore said...

It's sad. Seattle is a great basketball town. The Sonics have a great history, a championship ring, and until a couple of years ago, had been a solid competative team for the last 25 years. Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp led an awesome Sonic team thoughout the 90s that even made it to the Finals.

This sends a terrible message - "Taxpayers, Build us brand new state of the art arenas, or we leave." If it can happen in Seattle, what hope do teams like Golden State, the Bobcats, the Grizzlies, and even the Pacers have?

There's a video on youtube of David Stern in 1995 during the inaugural game at Key Arena talking about what a great facility Key Arena is and what a great NBA city Seattle is. Apparently, the arena is completely unfit ten years later. Whatever.

The Blazers are going to be awesome for the foreseeable future, but after a few lean years, will the NBA and Paul Allen threaten to leave if Portland doesn't shell out the cash for a new arena?

rich jandt said...

This is a similer feeling I had when I watched the Kingdome get imploded on tv.

At least I know if I want to break some promises I make all I have to do is come up with $75 million.

Justin said...

I was thinking of you when this happened. I hate Clay Bennet, he fills my heart with a bonhoefferian desire to assassinate. I can't believe no more sonics. At least seattle has the memories and shawn kemps children.