Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just in Case

I'm not sure how many of my readers have experience the botched "high-five", but it can be a frustrating experience. Wired Wiki has you covered with a comprehensive how-to.


Adam Wolfgang said...

thank you, I cant tell you how many times at work we finally get the right VB code written at work and the program runs flawlessly and then we celebrate with broken high 5's! I will pass this around!

rich jandt said...

I actually had a person give me this exact advice a few weeks ago.

I tried to high-five a friend and we totally messed it up. Remembering a skit from almost live named "the high-fiving white guys" I made a joke about whites not being able to high five properly.

A person near by said all I had to do was look at the elbo and the hand would follow. For the next few hours me and my friends were practicing the high-fives.

I felt a little like Borat, and a little like the Todd.