Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cheap as Free

Hey, do you like free stuff? Me too!

If you frequent Starbucks and you like coffee, then let me clue you in to a neat trick. If you get a gift card and register it (online or over the phone) then when you buy a cup of coffee you get free refills. So if you use you neighborhood coffee shop as an office, you can stop nursing that one cup all day and get a refill.

Also, the auto-reload feature on the gift card is a great way to stick to a budget - you can set it to load a certain amount each month and then when it's gone, you're done for the month.


breanna said...

so,i feel shallow for commenting on this post and avoiding the intellectual ones going on around here right now, but oh well.

i'm super grateful for thestarbucks tricks, particularly the auto reload one. BRILLIANT!!!

James T Wood said...

Dude, I'm actually surprised at how many smarty-smart comments I'm getting. I expect to hear more about these tips and less about the boring intellectual stuff.