Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So yesterday I got a chance to hear Len Sweet present at George Fox Seminary about the impact of Islam on 21st century Christianity. It was a great and thought provoking discussion - I won't type out all three hours worth of the lecture, but I did want to highlight a few ideas and quotes that struck me.

"Christianity is a means, not an end; you worship your God, not your religion."

"In heaven there will be no Christians."

Just to explain a little of the context of the above quotes - He was pointing out how we have let our religion get between us and God. God is not terribly worried about the kind of Christians we are, but he is intimately interested to see the kind of human beings we will be. Jesus came to show us how to be the image bearers of God ought to live; he did not come to start a religious movement.

(I wish I could have gotten this quote exactly, but this is the general idea:)
If all cultures are morally equivalent, then all people do not have equal rights. If all people have equal rights, then all cultures are not morally equivalent.

The idea is that some people like to claim that we are all on different paths up the same mountain, but at the same time they wish to claim that all people have equal rights. It is logically impossible to affirm the moral equality of all worldviews (some of which claim that women or homosexuals or people of a different race are lesser individuals) and to affirm the value of equal human rights - it is either one or the other, not both.

I have more, but that's enough for one blog entry.


KMiV said...

Yeah, I loved it. I also loved lunch at Fudruckers!

I was thinking he said, "All people are morally equivalent but not all people have equal rights."

Anyway, I didn't get that one written down. I think you captured the heart of what he was talking about.

Tammie's Thoughts said...

Very interesting!