Monday, February 18, 2008

run it by a teenager first

My wife has come up with the "run it by a teenager first" principle. The premise is that many companies have advertisements that have unintended jokes (usually of the crude nature). In order to avoid being the butt of jokes all over the internet, one ought to keep a teenager on retainer (w/ red bull and guitar hero) and run all ad campaigns by them first.

Case in point the new drug to help with acid reflux AcipHex. It seems like a good idea, you take the word 'acid' and ad a suffix that sounds all medicinal and efficacious - but what happens when you say that word aloud? Go ahead, try it.

On the TV Commercial they pronounced it: ass-UH-fex (ass effects).

Really? Really. That's what you want people to hear when they speak of your medicine?

Run it by a teenager first.


Unknown said...

You can tell your wife that I continue to be amazed by her unending brillance! :-P

Tammie's Thoughts said...

That's not at all how I would pronounce it from reading it...ACID...looks like ACT DID to me!

Meg said...

Yeah, you could run it by the geriatric set as well. I work in a mail order pharmacy and when they call in for their aciphex they ask for "that ass medicine" and chuckle to themselves that they said a dirty word.