Friday, February 08, 2008

Once Wise

So in about an hour and a half I get to have my wisdom teeth taken out ('cause my head isn't big enough for all my teeth). I a little nervous because I've never had surgery before. I don't really know what to expect.

I hope that the loss of my teeth does not also spell the loss of any wisdom I may have accrued to this point, but if my blogging suddenly reduces in quality - you will know the reason.

See you on the other side.


Tim said...

Fun. I just had that done a couple months ago. Except in the picture one of the teeth were totally sideways and another one had already grown in completely. You'll be fine, but don't be afraid of pain relievers. The hardest thing for me was falling asleep. I had to sit up sleeping to minimize the pain. It was the bone bruising the next week or so that I didn't like.

This will be a perfect opportunity for Andrea to test out her smoothie making skills.

Unknown said...

Good luck! I hope you have a wonderful experience... :-P

Just remember, pain relievers are only your friends if you really really need them!

rebecca marie said...

dreadful sorry, clementine.

i don't have wisdom teeth. i mean, they are not in my skull at all. that means i'm further evolved than you. oh heck yes.

Unknown said...

Hope you don't swell up too much.

And have fun drinking your Ultimate Cheeseburger through a straw for a week...

(wisdom-toothless smirk)

Tammie's Thoughts said...

Sorry you didn't get to have that done while you were here...i know I really good dentist who would have done it for you very painlessly!

Unknown said...

Mine (a month or so ago) was easy. I only needed two or three pain relievers, but I suppose that is because the surgery went well and because the oral surgeon was very good.

Oh and, this is a little late, but maybe it will help others: NO STRAWS. They will rip your wounds opened (it happened to Gina).

James T Wood said...

Thanks for all the well wishing - I'm recovering pretty well - I'm still a little sore.

Ty, I really wish I would have known that last week - I used a straw within the first couple hours - oh, well. I don't think I hurt anything too much.