Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You're your own worst critic

I was just thinking today about how common it is for people to misuse homonyms (or even words that sound close, but are not the same). Recently I've seen a few bad ones, so as a public service I will attempt to offer some clarity.

Allude: to make a veiled reference
Elude: to avoid, escape attention

Allusion: that to which one alludes
Illusion: an image or vision which is not real

Ad: short for advertisement
Add: the opposite of subtraction

Which ones annoy you?

Friday, December 05, 2008

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Grieving and Hallucinations

You probably read the title of this post and thought: "Wait, what?"

That's what I thought when I saw this article.

The gist of it is that it is very, very common for someone to hallucinate when under stress and the death of a loved one produces the highest levels of stress. Their research showed that 80% of elderly widows/widowers had an hallucination of their lost spouse. Only one fifth did not hallucinate!

Mostly I share this to offer some normalcy for those who have gone through grief or are going through grief. It is normal and natural for you to hallucinate and to see the person you lost. The vast majority of the time the hallucination is experienced as a comfort. This is normal and sane and perfectly alright. If you have lost someone close, I am deeply sorry for you - I hope this offers some comfort.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Just a couple quick examples of a very funny site. If you haven't found this yet, you should check it out. For some reason the failures of other people makes me feel better about myself.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

With all due respect, you shouldn't of

Oxford compiled a list of the most irritating phrases in the English language:

The top ten most irritating phrases:

1 - At the end of the day

2 - Fairly unique

3 - I personally

4 - At this moment in time

5 - With all due respect

6 - Absolutely

7 - It's a nightmare

8 - Shouldn't of

9 - 24/7

10 - It's not rocket science

What other words or phrases irritate you? I personally abhor: "litterally," any variation of "give 110%," relating a unit of distance or area to the equivalent number of football fields, and "irregardless".

Now you go . . .

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I feel vindicated!

I just heard on the news that this actually is the longest campaign in history. I just thought it felt like it was taking forever, come to find out it actually did.

It's finally over.

Well, I guess it's time to start for 2012!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bradley Effect

Have you heard of the Bradley Effect? The short description is that when polled, Caucasians will claim to be voting for an African-American candidate but when the same Caucasians are in the voting booth with guaranteed anonymity they will actually vote for a Caucasian candidate. The polls are skewed by the "white-guilt" of the responders.

Obama is ahead in the polls. How much of his lead is due to the Bradley Effect?

I also wonder about a form of the Dewey Effect (if you will recall, Dewey though he had won the election due to polls, but the polls were skewed due to the number of people without phones). Since increasing numbers of people are opting to not have a land-line telephone and to only have a cell phone, those individuals are under represented in the polls.

Do the Bradley Effect and the Dewey Effect offset?

Monday, October 27, 2008

O, School of Brotherly Love . . .

Well, it's over. Cascade College is closing at the end of this school year (May 2009). I'm still digesting this information.

If you know of an awesome job for my wife let me know (or her, what-evs).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's bad

It sucks to be a Seattle sports fan right now. A lot.

Seattle Football: 1 - 11 (Huskies and Seahawks)
Seattle Baseball: it was over in August and they haven't been competitive since 2001 or so.
Seattle Basketball: GONE (I'm still bitter and probably will be for a long time).

I just had to complain a bit.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too good to not share

From: The Art of Manliness

Manvotional: The American Boy by Theodore Roosevelt

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October 19, 2008

Welcome back! Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to man up!

theodore-roosevelt-193x300 Manvotional: The American Boy by Theodore Roosevelt

In a speech, Roosevelt extolled the manly virtues that every boy and man should develop: hard work, courage, and a disposition to do good. The lack of men of character in the world today makes this speech relevant even today. As fathers or mentors, let us seek to raise up a generation of boys like the one TR describes. As men, let us seek to develop these traits ourselves.

What we have a right to expect of the American boy is that he shall turn out to be a good American man.

The boy can best become a good man by being a good boy–not a goody-goody boy, but just a plain good boy.

I do not mean that he must love only the negative virtues; I mean that he must love the positive virtues also. ‘Good,’ in the largest sense, should include whatever is fine, straightforward, clean, brave and manly.

The best boys I know–the best men I know–are good at their studies or their business, fearless and stalwart, hated and feared by all that is wicked and depraved, incapable of submitting to wrongdoing, and equally incapable of being aught but tender to the weak and helpless.

Of course the effect that a thoroughly manly, thoroughly straight and upright boy can have upon the companions of his own age, and upon those who are younger, is incalculable.

If he is not thoroughly manly, then they will not respect him, and his good qualities will count for but little; while, of course, if he is mean, cruel, or wicked, then his physical strength and force of mind merely make him so much the more objectionable a member of society.

He can not do good work if he is not strong and does not try with his whole heart and soul to count in any contest; and his strength will be a curse to himself and to every one else if he does not have a thorough command over himself and over his own evil passions, and if he does not use his strength on the side of decency, justice and fair dealing.

In short, in life, as in a football game, the principle to follow is: Hit the line hard: don’t foul and don’t shirk, but hit the line hard.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The pain of leadership

I just watched a special on the History Chanel about Abraham Lincoln. The key thing on which they focused was that he struggled his whole life with depression. He had suicidal thoughts and struggled daily with the weight of his job as president.

What strikes me, is that we often gloss over the deep struggles of our leaders and instead focus on their shining moments. We see Moses confronting Pharaoh, not Moses shepherding flocks for 40 years while he deals with his rejection and fall from power. We see David slaying Goliath rather than David in a tomb, acting like a crazy person so that he can save his own life. We see Paul preaching and writing amazing messages rather than a lonely, man who is rejected and feared by everyone spending three years alone in the wilderness.

It is good to remember that the greatest leaders are those who have struggled greatly with themselves so that when external struggles arise they are equipped to succeed.

How are you struggling with yourself? Don't worry about how that might prepare you for the future, rather enter the struggle with all your might knowing that your first, your only battle is the battle for your soul. It is in this fight that you become a tool which God can use in his work as he fights for his kingdom.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A little dash of awesome for you

I feel like I'm late to the game on this, but I just had the time to watch some online video that has been recommended to me. I've attached the first section below if you're interested. If you like music or science or comedy or horses or Joss Whedon then you will love this:

Monday, October 06, 2008

All Discovered Up

So we're back from Discovery Lab and boy did we discover a lot. If you're super curious you can check out the links for some more details.

We had an intense, awesome, exciting week with some godly people. All the prayers were answered. God spoke his wisdom into our lives through the community of his people empowered by his Spirit.

So here's the deal: we need more experience. We have a lot of the tools necessary to be successful church planters, and I feel that God confirmed that he has placed a church inside me. But it's not ready to come out yet. The next step is for me to work full time in ministry and to get intentional about developing the skills I need (evangelism, leadership, and preaching).

Got any leads?

More prayers will be appreciated.

Here I'm doing a great job of catching Ryan . . .

But Jessica doesn't trust me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey, guess what

We're out at discovery lab right now! If you want to keeps tabs on what we're doing I will try to blog about every day or so over here at the church planty blog.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Nervous

Cross posted from: Soma Christou:

On Sunday we head out for Discovery Lab with Kairos Church Planting Support. From the Kairos Website:
Discovery Lab is designed to provide you both these tools. It a behavioral assessment to help you, as a church planter candidate, gather information about yourself to see more clearly where you might best serve the kingdom with your abilities and skills. The final outcome of Discovery Lab is a Church Planter Profile summarizing your character traits, ministry skills and readiness for church planting.

I'm nervous because this is a major step in our journey toward church planting. There is a lot on the line here. We've been dreaming about this for years now. We moved across the country for school. We moved into the neighborhood where we feel God has called us to plant a church. Now in just a few days we will submit our dreams and plans to the oversight and direction of Kairos.

I would really appreciate your prayers for us.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Big nose

For those of you fluent in ancient Hebrew this will be a boring blog.

For the rest of you, I thought you might find it interesting to know that when God describes himself in Exodus 34 one of the descriptions is that he is slow to anger. Literally in Hebrew this is that God has a long nose. The Hebrews thought that anger originated in the nose (probably because when one gets angry their nostrils will flare), so one who has a long nose requires more time for the anger go come forth.

Big noses are God like.

Just thought you might like to know.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leadership Principles

Cross posted from Soma Christou: a church of Christ

This last weekend we had our final dragon boat race of the season. In the picture you can see me as the tiller (the guy who steers the boat). Our team traveled to Seattle for the weekend, but we have been losing more and more people over the course of the summer so we had to join up with half a team from Seattle in order to fill a boat.

The first time we had paddled together was our first race (we came in 2nd out of three). Things weren't perfect, but I could definitely feel the power on the boat. The second race we didn't improve much (3rd out of 4). By the time we were getting to our third heat of the day the lake was getting choppy and we had lost a paddler who had to leave early.

We tried to compensate, but during the race something went wrong and the boat turned sharply to the left (remember it's my job to steer us). I had to stop us and turn us the right direction in order to finish - we were 30 seconds off the pace. I was upset with myself for not doing my job and costing us precious time in the race.

The next day we arrived to very choppy water and a moderately strong wind. The race coordinators were all cautioning us as to how we needed to avoid the wind and to keep the boat balanced so we would not capsize. We got out on the water and got ourselves aligned for the race. The start was good, but again about mid-way through the race the boat veered sharply to the left. I had to stop us to prevent us hitting another boat and then get us going the right direction again. I was furious. Livid. How could I have made the same mistake twice?!

I directed the paddlers to dock the boat and I immediately went to the race coordinators and asked if I could be replaced as the tiller. I explained that I keep making the same mistake and we don't have time for me to learn during the races. They were great and found us another tiller and I replaced our missing paddler on the boat.

I couldn't immediately join my team because I was still very upset with myself. So, I found a quiet place and sat alone for a bit. That's when Dr. Huffard would have been proud of me - I immediately thought of a leadership principle that I had learned from my experience ( I took a class in leadership from Dr. Huffard and he wanted us to develop the skill of finding leadership principles in our experiences).
A good leader will not allow their personal shortcomings to bring down the team which they lead.

There just wasn't enough time for me to work on my own skills. The only time we had on the boats was time to race. I found out after the fact that there are significant difference in the boat structure versus what we are used to and having a team that has never paddled together did not make my job easier. I'm sure that if we had some time to practice with that team in those boats on that lake that I could have done a much better job. However, without that opportunity the best thing that I could do as a leader is to defer to someone with more experience to step in and take over for the short term.

Have you ever been in this type of situation? Have you ever felt like there was nothing you could do to fix your mistakes? Sometimes, as a leader, there is nothing you can do in the moment; it's time to step aside and let someone else help. You can fix your mistakes later, when the work of the team isn't on the line.

Dragon Boating

Here is some more evidence that I was actually a dragon boater.

Friday, September 05, 2008

How long, O Lord, how long?

How long do you think it will be until Bret gets hurt? Perhaps he forgot the Madden curse when he decided to un-retire. By the way, is that indian-retiring? Or perhaps he hopes to avoid the curse by wearing a different uniform.

I give him 2 weeks.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Particle Physics for the rest of us

In case you wanted to know I found this primer on particle physics.  From Wired.com:

With CERN's Large Hadron Collider finally coming online, watercoolers around the world will soon be abuzz with talk of Higgs bosons, gluons, and other mind-blowing subatomic thingies. How to keep track of all that quantum fluff? It's easier than you think. Fans of shows likeSurvivorAmerican IdolTop Chef, or America's Next Top Model already have the tools they need to wrap their heads around the fundamental bits in our universe. Turns out, if you understand reality TV, you can understand reality.

Gluons (high-powered producers)

Gluons are the Donald Trumps, Tyra Bankses, and Mark Burnetts of the subatomic world. Just as these executive producers (often doubling as onscreen overlords) dictate the rules and force contestants into tightly knit alliances for survival, gluons wield what's called the strong nuclear force, impelling quarks to clump together into the neutrons and protons of an atom's nucleus.

Quarks (contestants)

There are six types of quark, arbitrarily named up, down, top, bottom, charm, and strange. Think of them as the personality types that make every reality show go: the gay one, the jock, the bumpkin, the minority, the brainiac, and the drunken train-wreck girl. They always form alliances (called hadrons), and, well, they work best in threesomes. Hot!

Higgs boson (lasting fame)

We know the Higgs boson particle must exist — it's why matter has mass. But physicists have been unable to observe it. Have folks like Kelly Clarkson found the Higgs boson of reality TV — enduring stardom? Let's hope so. Because like the real Higgs boson, if lasting fame isn't possible, the whole Theory of Everything will need to be reconsidered.

Photons (non-judging hosts)

Photons carry electromagnetism, which bonds electrons to nuclei, and generally keep the excitement level up. Zooming around at the speed of light, these energetic particles hold the whole shebang together — just like Ryan Seacrest, Idol's charismatic liaison between judges, contestants, and viewers.

Leptons (non-hosting judges)

Many shows have a panel of regulars that sit on the sidelines and observe. This is the lepton family. Some, like electrons, matter (Tom Colicchio).Some, like muons, are overblown and unstable (Simon Cowell). Others, like neutrinos, pass through without ever making contact with reality (Paula Abdul).

W and Z bosons (surprise guests)

W and Z bosons carry the weak nuclear force, which causes other particles to decay. These are like the parents, ex-lovers, and others who pop into a show merely to wreak havoc. Think Flavor of Love's Tiffany Pollard, aka New York, who returned in season two to terrorize anew.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Bore-gonian

Rant Alert!

For those of you not in the Northwest, the Oregonian is the major newspaper in the state and in Portland specifically. If you like to read it . . . I'm happy that you enjoy it. I used to subscribe to the paper (6 or 7 years ago), but found that the majority of the time I was picking it up off the front porch and putting it in the recycling bin on the back porch. More recently I have been working at a place that sells this paper, so I get to see the headlines on a daily basis. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but I think it's ok with newspapers.

During the NBA season I think we went for 18 days straight where the front page article was about the Portland Trailblazers. There were numerous days where there was news that had an impact an any way on the citizens of the city and state. Lately, we have gone back and forth between the 'Blazers and the birth of a baby elephant at the zoo. Yeah, Obama's selection of a VP candidate didn't make it, Obama's speech got bumped, Huricanes ravaging the gulf - no mention.

How is this our major news source? Basketball and pachyderms are the reason that people will pick up the paper? Readership is increased by a giant picture of Greg Oden? How shallow is our city? This makes me feel a little embarrassed to be an Oregonian - good thing that only about 20% of the people here actually read the thing.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obligatory Political Post

I'm wondering if this election will make history for votership . . . I feel like a lot more people are taking interest in what's happening. For the first time in my life I listened to the speech from a party convention.

Here's what I'm thinking right now . . .

Obama: His speech told me that he's a Democrat to the core. I had heard good things, but when he spoke I heard the same rhetoric as always - he's partisan, and is holding the party line on many issues. He railed on about how we need change in Washington, but he proposed doing so by continuing the old Democratic policies. I heard some good things from him to be sure, but most of it was couched in a diatribe against Bush which is a shallow, immature political tactic.

McCain: His Veep choice is a brilliant pollitical move. I think he is trying to court the disenfranchised Clinton suporters - I have to wonder how successful he will be. By bringing youth and feminity to his ticket he broadens his appeal. It doesn't hurt that she is an attractive woman because McCain isn't too easy on the eyes if you know what I'm saying. His platform isn't too bad, it's defintely not the "four more years of the last eight years" as Obama would paint it. I don't want be a one issue voter, but if he were to promise to privatize Social (in)Securty that would get me in a hot second. I am disgusted with Bush et al backing out on their plan.


Thanks to Mark for pointing out some of the cool new features on blogger look right to see them in action.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kingdom Work

Cross Posted from: Soma Christou.

On Saturday, August 23rd we were blessed to be a part of the Agape Blitz. Our contribution was to help out at Lincoln High School where we led a team in performing some much needed maintenance around the campus. We weeded and painted and took care of the place so that when students return it will look a little better.

What really struck me though was the people that joined in the service. Most of the time we think of service as being what privileged people do for those with less (and that is often what it is), but on Saturday I saw something that spoke of Kingdom to me - a small group of people from a brand new church were the ones working to help out the school where many of the wealthy citizens of Portland send their children. One of the servants had been homeless not too long ago! The wealthy people should be serving the poor, but the Kingdom uses the poor to serve the rich . . .
God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are . . .
I saw Kingdom Work on Saturday - and the parents in charge of the work day saw it too.

Friday, August 15, 2008

What the eff?

What do you think about Christians that swear? Is it ok for Christians to swear or is cussing a sin?

Time Magazine's "Best Theologian" of 2001, Stanley Hauerwas, is well know for his foul mouth.

On the other extreme is a person who claims that when one uses words such as 'heck' and 'shoot' that it "shows disrespect toward God"

I have found myself using more 'colorful' language of late. I'm not trying to justify what I'm doing, but to really explore my actions.

I remember feeling guilty about swearing when I was younger and working hard to break the habit. I also felt that Baptists were going to hell for believing in Calvinism. As I have matured I no longer condemn my Baptist brothers and sisters. Was my opinion of language also childish?

I think this text has some bearing on the issue: "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." (Eph. 4.29) But does "unwholesome talk" encompass the words that we consider 'bad' or is it the content of our speech?

Are we becoming of the world by cussing, or are we living in the world as the incarnation of God through the Spirit when we speak to people in their own language? Do we bear a better witness when we watch or language, or do we connect with people better when they feel comfortable to speak freely around us?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I want one!

"Researchers have demonstrated for the first time they were able to cloak three-dimensional objects using artificially engineered materials that redirect light around the objects."*

Please, please, please get me a cloaking device!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tropic Thunder

We got free tickets to a screening of "Tropic Thunder" last night (it comes out on Friday). All I have to say is that this movie is ridiculously funny.

It is funny like "Walk Hard" or "Taledega Nights" in quality and quantity of the humor. Yes, that means it is a filthy, disturbing movie that will make you cringe as often as it will make you laugh. Yes that means that (if you like those other movies) you will laugh until your abs hurt and your cheeks ache.

I won't spoil anything for you by telling you that this movie is about people trying to make a war movie and getting caught up in real conflict. But just like "Anchor Man" was about a TV news anchor, the plot doesn't encompass the depth and breadth of the hilarity.

Go and see this movie (if you are not easily offended and you like the movies above).

Monday, August 11, 2008


The Art of Manliness blog has a post that says it so much better than I could.

Why Being “Indie” is a Bunch of Bunk

The indie identity is based on the idea of being independent from the mainstream. To this end, indie people buy clothes, CD’s, furniture, books, food, and concert and movie tickets that are not popular with the masses. Instead of going to Chili’s, they frequent their local Thai restaurant; instead of going to Wal-Mart, they go to Whole Foods; instead of picking up the new Coldplay CD, they buy an album from Blood Red Shoes; instead of shopping at the Gap, they buy from American Apparel; instead of buying a Dell they buy an Apple (sure they’re a big corporation, but they’re so cool). But what is the common denominator in all of those things? Spending money. Consumption. Indie people express their independence from the mainstream by doing the single most mainstream thing possible: basing their identity on what they consume.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

CERN Large Hadron Collider

On September 10th the CERN Large Hadron Collider will go online in Europe. It aims to solve some of the mysteries of particle physics by accelerating stuff and then crashing it together so that is all blows up. Then they look at what comes out to see what stuff is made of.

Too sciency for you? Sorry.

Check out this rap by the people building the collider:

Some people are afear'd that this thing will break the earth by ripping time open or creating a black hole inside the earth or something.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Be a Man!

So I found this new blog that I pretty sweet. It is called the Art of Manliness - and if you are of that gender you should go and check it out.

Topics that I have seen so far range from how to be a good father to how to dress well or to speak well or to give flowers with deep meaning. The blog is written by a man and his wife, so you are getting what men like and what (at least one) women like in a man.

I think that we need more of this. God created men and women to be different - we need to celebrate those differences. A true man will support, respect, and empower women; but he will do it through his masculinity and empower her to use her femininity.

When the bible says that God created humanity in his image it immediately says that he created male and female - both male and female together make up the image of God.

So be a man (if you are one), and reflect God's image (or at least half of it); if you are a woman then you can reflect the other half of God's image. Together we can show the world the face of God!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

push up date

A quick update on my journey to be able to do a hundred push ups in 6 weeks. Week one went alright, but somewhere along the way I injured my neck/shoulder - not a big deal, but I had to take a day off. I went back and re-did the last two days of week 1 and I'm ready to move on to week 2. I'm already feeling stronger and more confident.

You should try it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cheap Cheesecake today

To celebrate their 30th anniversary the Cheesecake Factory is selling their slices for $1.50 (1978 pricing).

Just thought you might be interested . . . that I'm the same age as the Cheesecake Factory (and so is Tim).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

what the Knol?

So Google has launched a knew site called Knol (which is one unit of knowledge, apparently). Their plan is that they will have articles on all sorts of topics that people can search and create for free . . . wait, isn't someone else already doing this?

Here's the difference, on Knol you know exactly who is providing the information and the person can copyright their material. So even though it only launched today, there are already articles on there from some people who are doing research in their field and stuff. If there are multiple articles, the one from the most highly qualified person will be at the top.

You can write a knol if you want to - if you are an expert on a topic. What do you know so well that you want to write a knol on it? Is this going to bring down wikipedia?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ow. Or, NaNoWriMo for your pecs.

So I was kickin' it over at Life Hacker letting my inner nerd run free and they had a post about going from 0 to a Hundred Pushups in 6 weeks.

Wait, what? This is my nerdy-nerd site, they aren't supposed to tell me about exercise.

Unfortunately I'm also reading a great book about how brains work, and the first rule is to exercise for optimal brain function. Oh, that's the connection between push ups and nerdiness.

So I'm going to try it! Remember, this is a plan to start at slug level, so don't worry about where you are if you want to join in. They have all different types of push ups to work with all different strength levels. C'mon, you should do this too.

If this is successful the next step is couch to 5k in 6 weeks.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Divine Affirmation

Cross posted from the Soma Christou Blog

I don't want to jump on the wagon of attributing everything that ever happens to divine intervention. I think that God has given us free will for a reason (ask me, and I'll tell you), and a whole lot of what goes on in life is better attributed to our freedom and the laws of nature. But I do believe that God is in the business of breaking into our world with glimpses of his kingdom (in fact, I think that's what the church is supposed to be doing).

All that qualifying stuff said: I love it when God gives some affirmation to what I've been planning. Church planting can be nervous work - we are stepping out in faith with no guaranteed paycheck or congregation. But we believe that God has called us to this work and that he will provide for us. I always get chills when the provision confirms the call. Even though it has happened a bunch of times, I still find myself surprised when God steps in and provides for us.

Thanks to the Living Streams Church of Christ for helping us with our Discovery Lab expenses. Especially, thank you for being the voice of God helping to confirm his calling in our lives.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Laptop Survey

Hey all you laptop toting friends: I have a question for you. What do you want in a lappie? Is it better to have a big, powerful machine that can do whatever you want? Is it better to have a light and portable system that is easy to lug around?

I'll probably be getting a new rig in a few months and I'm trying to decide what to get.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tattoo Ideas

Here are a couple of ideas that I have for a tattoo. The text comes from Exodus 34:6-7:
6 And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, "The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7 maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.

These are the Hebrew words that God uses to describe himself. I have it with either the trinity symbol or the Celtic cross with the trinity symbol.

What do you think?

Note: I totally give credit to Kevin for this idea. Is it enough of my own thing?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cuss Words

The Seattle Supersonics are no more.

It was difficult for me to even type that sentence. I haven't been around for all 41 years of the team's history in Seattle, but as long as I've been alive there have been Sonics in Seattle. Now the team has died in the settlement between the city of Seattle and the devil . . . er . . . Clay Bennet. Oklahoma gets the team; Seattle gets the name - and the memories. There will be no Sonics in Oklahoma, but the entire organization, under a different name, will move there.

I wonder how the Blazers are going to do this season . . .

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A New Blog

I've started a blog over here to keep people up to date on our church planting activities. Check it out . . . please.

Note: Dwayne and I have discussed the similar names. We're ok with it, so you should be too. I had mine first though ;)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rich was right

There is a new Diablo game coming out. When? No one knows (Blizzard will work on it until it's awesome). If it's anything like the previous games then I'm in for some short nights of sleep. Bring it on!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Old Freakin-Hickory

This to you straight from the History Channel:
Apparently, Andrew Jackson liked to duel people, to build his reputation. He was crafty though, one time he made an agreement with the other guy and they both shot their pistols into the air. They both got the street cred for being dueling studs, but they also both got to live.

Another time he dueled a guy who accused his wife of being an adulteress (I would fight too!); the problem is that he was fighting a guy with a reputation for being a great shot. So he hatched a plan . . . he let the guy shoot him (he was hit in the chest a few inches from his heart). He put his left hand over the wound to slow the bleeding. Then he slowly and carefully took aim. He shot his opponent and killed him. It took Jackson three months to recover from his wound.

Dang! The next time you talk about Tiger Woods being tough for playing golf hurt, you should reconsider your definition of tough.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just in Case

I'm not sure how many of my readers have experience the botched "high-five", but it can be a frustrating experience. Wired Wiki has you covered with a comprehensive how-to.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have spent one full day as the latest member of the trigenarian club. I didn't hurt too much.

I have been a little depressed leading up to this. Mostly because I don't think I'm as far along in "life" as I expected to be at this age. I know that I shouldn't compare myself to others, but it's hard not to see what other people my age have accomplished in their lives.

Blah, blah, blah - it's not a sprint, it's a marathon - blah, blah, blah. That doesn't keep me from being a little depressed. As a guy, I'm "supposed to" compare myself to others and to compete to be better. I know this isn't necessarily the right thing to do, but in my weaker moments I can't help but look around at other people who have working in their career for 10 years by the time their my age - I'm still an intern. Some times I wonder if I'll ever get there.

Note: I'm not looking to be cheered up. I'm not fishing for compliments. I just wanted to share these thoughts. I'll be fine. I know that I have to walk my path and not others'. I just needed to get this out of my head. Thanks.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More of the same

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one thinking about stuff. In a new article, author Nicholas Carr discusses the way that our brains are changing due to our use of the internet.

The human brain is almost infinitely malleable. People used to think that our mental meshwork, the dense connections formed among the 100 billion or so neurons inside our skulls, was largely fixed by the time we reached adulthood. But brain researchers have discovered that that’s not the case. James Olds, a professor of neuroscience who directs the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study at George Mason University, says that even the adult mind “is very plastic.” Nerve cells routinely break old connections and form new ones. “The brain,” according to Olds, “has the ability to reprogram itself on the fly, altering the way it functions.”
Carr laments his growing inability to concentrate on reading for an extended period - he finds himself constantly distracted, when once he could lose himself in a text. I have to say that I'm feeling the same thing. There are so many books on my shelf that I want to read, I ought to read, but I haven't read. It has been troubling me that I seemed to have lost my ability to sit down and devour a book - this may be the cause.

Finally Carr delineates the difference between information and knowledge. With Google (et al) we have information at our fingertips, but that does not make us knowledgeable, or wise. We must still deal with the information in a meaningful manner to claim knowledge, and without experience we cannot claim to be wise.

Does this ring true with you? Did you scan this blog post for the highlights? Where do we go from here?