Sunday, December 30, 2007


We've been traveling 'n stuff, so I haven't had much chance to blog. Here are a few highlights to keep you entertained.

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend have a dog (an english bull dog, if you must know) and they named it Boobies. Because everyone loves Boobies (I did enjoy playing with Boobies, she's a cute puppy).

We went to Tahoe to meet up with family who had been skiing/snowboarding, but since we didn't have the time or money ourselves we went to a place that rented tubes and we slid down a hill for an hour. The real fun started when it was time to leave the parkinglot and a minivan couldn't quite make it over the ice. Every time the van started to slide the driver would slam on the brakes in a panic. After getting advice from about 52 people and an aborted attempt to put on chains, a solicitous individual offered to drive the van out, which he did successfully. Now it's time for fun with stereotypes - the owner of the van was Persian, the hero was Asian. Now you know how they rate on their snow-driving skill.

Note: I am not racisit! Stereotypes exist for a reason (usually); they do not exist to judge people, nor to discriminate against them. Any appearance of racism is completely accidental. Have fun, people - go watch Carlos Mencia or something.


Mark said...

With a word like "Boobies" in your post, you may generate some interesting traffic on your blog.

I think it's funny how in our culture, there are a lot of folks you can't make jokes about. You can't make fun of women much any more, nor can you make fun of blacks unless you're black. It is completely acceptable to make white father figures looks like the idiots of the earth (Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin). It is also OK to make fun of Asians and Hispanics.

I'm probably overgeneralizing there quite a bit. It's just interesting to me how some things are taboo while other similar things are not. And no, I don't consider you a racist. :-)

Tim said...

I only watch Carlos Mencia when I want to hear everyone else's jokes.

James T Wood said...

Mark - yeah, I hesitated for a second when typing, but hopefully my blog will offer an alternative to the other search results.

I think that we should be able to make fun of everyone (in good fun and without malice). We all have foibles that are humorous, let's just enjoy them. The problem is when the jokes are used to degrade one specific group to the exclusion of others.

Tim - Thanks, Joe Rogan. At least Carlos Mencia takes everyone else's jokes and makes them funny.