Thursday, October 04, 2007


This is from: "Unchurched want undiluted preaching, most value Bible," Thom S. Rainer, 30 Jun 2004.

Mandy L., a formerly unchurched woman from Montana, spoke softly but firmly. "When we were lost, we were looking for something that would not be like the world we were in. We were looking, even if we didn’t realize it at the time, for the supernatural, for beliefs that transcend the unbelieving world around us. It was really sad to go to churches that thought they were being relevant when they were really just being worldly. I got out of those churches as quickly as I could."

I was reading this for a class and had to share it.


Unknown said...

Rainer's research is awesome from clearing through the popular mung. I loved the "surprising insights from the unchurched" and his latest "simple church." Really good stuff!

tabitha jane said...

i hate the word "unchurched"

but i did write a post just for you!

KMiV said...

Actually, I find this true for people who have been in churches and numb from the sermons that didn't apply to their lives. It is always exciting seeing people who have been in church for years light up when you go deep into the text and then talk as if it was written today.

Rainer's research is good though.