Monday, October 01, 2007

Mac vs. PC

I think these are pretty funny and I hope you will too, but here's the rule: don't get all mad at me for thinking these are funny. Ok? Ok.



Tammie's Thoughts said...

Those are so funny! the ones on YouTube tht go the other way about Mac are funny, too!

Hope you and Andrea are well!

Mark said...

Niiice. I own both a PC and a Mac, and there are things I like better about both of them.

I love the one where the guy plans to spend the weekend with another Mac guy.

Mike Lewis said...

I think those are hilarious!!!

tabitha jane said...

walked by the mac store in coughthemallcough the other day here in rhode island . . . there were hardly any people in it! not at all like in portland where it is CROWDED and you have to wait forever to get help . . . maybe people over here are more PC people?