Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spiritual Pathways

If you're curious about your own ways of connecting to God you might check out this little assessment (it's a pdf file). It's not the best tool (sometimes the questions seem a little too obvious), but it's interesting to see the ways that I connect to God and the ways that I don't really connect to God.

Creational/Intellectual - 15
Activist/Contemplative - 12
Serving 7
Relational 6
Worship 5

That explains to me why I feel dry when I don't spend any time outside and alone. I remember times when everyone would be standing around and singing in a group and I just wanted to go outside and be away from them all. People, with every good intention, would try to bring me back to the group.

This is important to me, because it tells me that people connect to God in all sorts of different ways. As a church planter I need to empower everyone to connect with God - even if it's not the ways that I want to. Most traditional churches focus in on Worship and Intellectual and leave the other types of connection out.

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