Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the what?

Tonight President Bush is presenting his State of the Union address before Congress. Guess what that means . . . yup there's no TV tonight. What's the deal? Why does this one thing need to be on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, CSPAN, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, MTV2, Bravo, Lifetime, and Animal Planet? I think this should be on TV, but why do we need 1200 broadcasts? Maybe PBS could cover the event . . . or even PBS and CSPAN, that would be more than enough.

The same thing happens whenever there's some news event - every channel has to show the same crap. I was in Tacoma in 1996 and there was an earthquake (like a 5.1 or something). We were watching TV and felt the quake and said "I think that was an earthquake." Sure enough in a couple of minutes the news came on and informed us that, in fact, it was an earthquake. Great, thanks for the confirmation. What I didn't need was the next hour and a half of "news coverage" informing us that there were no reports of injuries or damage . . . "but we'll keep you posted." How much more posting do I need? Why does every channel have to be keeping me "posted" with the same crap that I don't even need on one channel?

I think all the stations should just stop reporting the "news" anyway (I'm not including CNN, Fox News, etc. in this, just network stations). If I want news I will check out my news station of choice. The old-school networks need to stop trying to do everything. Cable has shown that specialization works. We already see it: NBC has funny stuff that they stole from the BBC, Fox capitalizes on the worst in society with Cops and American Idol (wouldn't you like to see those two shows merge?), CBS has CSI on every night, and ABC . . . uh . . . I think they're still on the air. So just go with it. Don't try to be a "news" station too. We're good. Thanks for trying though.

So, Bush, in the waning moments of your presidency maybe you could have the FCC mandate that one station gets to run the important speeches (it could rotate among the networks--or you could sell it to the highest bidder, like the Super Bowl and make some scratch to cover the budget short-fall). I know where to find you when I want to watch (ahem . . . or when I want to watch the Daily Show make fun of you) and then all the rest of TV can on with life as normal. You realize that if all of TV is the same . . . well that's pretty much Communist, and if we turn communist then the terrorists have won. Bush, fight the war on "terruh" and give me my TV back!


arwen said...

Preach it jimmy dub!

the other day on the news there was a story on all morning about some trucks narrowly missing each other on the freeway. No one was hurt. But we heard about it for the next 2 hours. So what they were telling us was that there was almost news. but not quite. Spokane is VERY good at this sort of thing.....

Meg said...

Yeah, what James said!!!

Unknown said...

Arwen got to "preach it" before me so . . . WELLLL!: Tell us what it's all about, brother James!

Rebecca said...

The only flaw in your theory is that not everyone has cable TV. I know, I know...there are some who do not.

I agree it doesn't need to be on every station but it is nice to be sure that everyone sees what a moron our Commander and Chief is. How is the world did he get elected????

breanna said...

it especially drives me bonkers when it's weather related...like the recent snow storm here in portland.

do i REALLY need 24 hours straight of "it's snowing. now to Suzy Soza" "yes Jane, it's snowing. now to Jack Jones." "Yes, here i am standing in the snow. this is what it looks like when i walk in the snow. snow is cold, so here i am standing in the snow wearing a jacket."

that makes me violent.