Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update It Already

I was just thinking that we really ought to update the Bible. It's just so antiquated. I mean, the content is good, but the marketing is just not what it ought to be. Who really wants to read the "Old Testament"? It sounds like it should be filmed in black and white and have some crappy Lawrence Welk music accompany it. How about "Testament - Classic" or "The Original Testament" or maybe "Testament - beta edition"?

The "New Testament" isn't too much better. Sure you slapped the "new" label on there, but that is so 20 years ago. If we want people to read this thing we need to get a little more hip. Try: "The New and Improved Testament" or "Testament 2.0" think about "The Testament: Professional Edition" perhaps "The Testament: Revolutions"


Unknown said...

Nice! Updated NT names from decades- gone- bye: The Bible (now in 3D), The Bible Strikes Back, B2, Bible THIS! and The Bible: Reloaded.

[BTW - I was really missing your blog, and I wondered why you hadn't blogged in a while, then I realized that my bloglines had dropped you somehow. I'm glad to have you back on my reading list.]

Meg said...

If we have the Lawrence Welk music for the OT, can we have the bubbles too? Because bubbles are FUN!!!

Jennifer B. Davis said...

I vote for the Old Testament to be renamed: "New Testament, the Prequel." You could call it "Testament, Episode One," which is a little punchier.

So would that make the New Testament...Bible 2.0?

Now you know, of course, that we could only have Lawrence Welk music for the old testament, because in it there are mentions of dancing. The new testament would have to be accompanied by music that didn't encourage even the slightest sway. Ha, ha.

Rusty and Rachel said...

What about "Zen and the Art of the Old Testament." This could be followed by it's sequel, "Zen and the Art of the New Testament...Psalms and Proverbs Included."