Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update It Already

I was just thinking that we really ought to update the Bible. It's just so antiquated. I mean, the content is good, but the marketing is just not what it ought to be. Who really wants to read the "Old Testament"? It sounds like it should be filmed in black and white and have some crappy Lawrence Welk music accompany it. How about "Testament - Classic" or "The Original Testament" or maybe "Testament - beta edition"?

The "New Testament" isn't too much better. Sure you slapped the "new" label on there, but that is so 20 years ago. If we want people to read this thing we need to get a little more hip. Try: "The New and Improved Testament" or "Testament 2.0" think about "The Testament: Professional Edition" perhaps "The Testament: Revolutions"

Monday, November 27, 2006

He's BaaAAaak

201 yards rushing. That's nice.

As an additional motivation for conversation: if you have a favorite team, are you more entertained by a great come-from-behind victory or a begining-to-end blowout? Why?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Blame it on Japan (yeah, yeah)

This story made me come out of robot-defender retirement (let's face it, no one was paying any attention anyway; I'm looking you're way South Korea).

That "cute" creature to the right (the one without glasses) is ready to eat you dead. The "smart" Japanese people decided to teach a robot to taste things so that it could sample wines and suggest food that would compliment them. Great idea . . . except when it tasted human flesh it identified it as . . . bacon.

So we're pretty much screwed at this point. Walk through this with me: 1)Bacon is the best food ever, 2)to robots, people taste like bacon, 3)to robots, people are the best food ever, 4)we all gonna die.

Our only hope is to convert all the robots to Judaism and get them to be Kosher. Any Rabbis want to take up the cause?