Friday, October 20, 2006


Have you heard about “margin”? Some guy at one point said that it’s good to have “margin” in your life (I could look up the reference for this, but I’m just too lazy right now). Just like margins in the book give your eye time to rest and place for notes, so margin in your life can allow time for rest and a place for unplanned things. What margin allowed me to do (one of the things) was to think about good blog ideas. I would browse online and find interesting topics or think about church planting or find funny things to share.

I haven’t blogged for a while because I don’t feel like I have anything good to share. I don’t have anything good to share because I don’t have any time to think. I don’t have any time to think because I don’t have any margin. I need to find some margin. I’m sorry that I haven’t been entertaining you or keeping you free from the robot threat or causing you to ponder the meaning of life. My blog is reflecting me right now: pretty boring and pointless.

On a cool note, I took some friendly advice and downloaded the trial of Office 2007 and right now I’m typing this blog in Word and it will automatically post to my blogspot without anything else. How cool is that?


Mark said...

Good to have you back. I didn't know the new office was available, but that sounds cool. It's about time they added some features.

Meg said...

Are you sure they weren't telling you that you needed some margarine in your life?

Rebecca said...

Sorry life is so boring right now. I feel your pain: nothing interesting to say. Is it possible to run out of blogging topics? I feel totally uninspired. The things I want to share, I don't because you never know who is blurking.

James T Wood said...

I'm a sucker for new features in software [Nerd-alert].

When I was about 5 years old I would eat handfuls of Parkay margerine - I'm pretty sure I've had enough for my entire life.

Life isn't terribly boring, just too full to give me time to frame any thoughts to share.

Blurking is a funny word - it kinda makes me think of the sound one makes when the burp-puke combine: "*Blurk* -- Ew, I have chunks of breakfast in my mouth! I hate blurking!"

Rebecca said...

GROSS!!!! You sick sick freak.

(can we still be friends even after calling you a sick sick freak? hope so)

everyday.wonder said...

Oh man, I tried out O2007 when it was in beta1. HATED IT. The first Microsoft beta software I ever uninstalled before the limit was up. It would be great if I'd never used Office before, and it sure looked nice, but it was a mega resource hog and half the features I regularly use were GONE. I'd never seen such a hack job on a very good software application suite. I fear for the real product when it is released...ick.

}end rant{