Tuesday, October 31, 2006


NaNoWriMo is perhaps beyond my ability to participate at this juncture (a.k.a. if I’m not even writing my papers for school I certainly am not going to write a novel. However, I will work toward an accomplishment during the month of November. The eleventh month of the year is National Beard Month. I am going to participate by seeing how beardly I can get in 30 days.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I like coffee coffee-coffee-coffee down in my belly

This article over at NPR discusses the caffeine content of different coffees and beverages. The point is that 3 shots of espresso is about equal to a 12 oz cup of coffee (that’s about 4.5 oz of espresso). Most people expect that their espresso will give them a super jolt of caffeine, when it is not really that full of juice by comparison.
Do you use caffeine? When and where do you get your fix?
I’ve heard people refer to caffeine as the acceptable drug. It’s legal and has no real stigmas in culture. Do you think it’s bad to be dependant on caffeine? I know I will get a headache if I don’t have my coffee for a day. I know I’m addicted. Should I care? Is it wrong to be addicted to caffeine? Does that fall under the biblical issue of not being a drunkard?
What’s the point of getting an extra shot of decaf espresso? That’s paying $0.55 for more coffee flavor. I don’t understand it.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Have you heard about “margin”? Some guy at one point said that it’s good to have “margin” in your life (I could look up the reference for this, but I’m just too lazy right now). Just like margins in the book give your eye time to rest and place for notes, so margin in your life can allow time for rest and a place for unplanned things. What margin allowed me to do (one of the things) was to think about good blog ideas. I would browse online and find interesting topics or think about church planting or find funny things to share.

I haven’t blogged for a while because I don’t feel like I have anything good to share. I don’t have anything good to share because I don’t have any time to think. I don’t have any time to think because I don’t have any margin. I need to find some margin. I’m sorry that I haven’t been entertaining you or keeping you free from the robot threat or causing you to ponder the meaning of life. My blog is reflecting me right now: pretty boring and pointless.

On a cool note, I took some friendly advice and downloaded the trial of Office 2007 and right now I’m typing this blog in Word and it will automatically post to my blogspot without anything else. How cool is that?