Saturday, September 16, 2006

Worst website ever

MySpace is the worst website ever (according to this article) and is even more horrible than a site that promises to boost your puppy's pride by giving him testicular implants after a neutering.

I agree, MySpace=garbage and I have yet to view a good MySpace page. They are filled with crap and pictures and text that is cacophotous at best.


preacherman said...

Funny but sad site.
I don't think dogs pride suffers much when neutering takes place. And the kind of person that would spend that money on implants.

RoniZee said...

How dare you, my good man? My MySpace is filled with words of wisdom and blessings.

Ok, it's not. But thus far I have abstained from posting ridiculous "quiz results" saying things like "What kind of kisser are you?" or "What kind of shoe are you?".

rebecca marie said...

i just use myspace to myspy on kids.

you hear that kids? i have my eye on you.