Thursday, September 21, 2006

The art of the PBJ

Ok, I want to share a discovery of mine in regards to the value of paying a little more money sometimes.

So I love me some peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. In college the majority of my meal were in sandwich form (turkey and pbj). Even now I eat several a week for lunch or even breakfast (with a glass of milk it's a ballanced meal).

So I start with my sandwich this morning

But since the jelly is a little runny . . .

I am forced to make a jelly holding area . . .

by putting peanutbutter around the edges of the bread and leaving a hole in the middle

In which I place the jelly

So, because I bought generic jelly

wihtout any fruit at all I have to take extreme measures to keep the jelly from dripping all over the place.

The moral of the story is: sometimes it's worth it to spend a little bit more money to get some jelly that actually has fruit in it and doesn't need it's own little "peanutbutter fort" to keep from dripping all over the place.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quick Hits

It makes me nervous that my laptop is one of these models:

I really want some of this new technology to come out soon.

I need to learn some principles of delegation and personal spiritual discipline.

I am so homesick; I miss mountains.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Worst website ever

MySpace is the worst website ever (according to this article) and is even more horrible than a site that promises to boost your puppy's pride by giving him testicular implants after a neutering.

I agree, MySpace=garbage and I have yet to view a good MySpace page. They are filled with crap and pictures and text that is cacophotous at best.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I too "love" to read

A book that changed my life besides the Bible: The Signature of Jesus, Manning. Thanks to Ike for getting me to read this book. I think this was really the first time I saw how radical, radical-discipleship can be.

A book I’ve read more than once: David Eddings’ series’ The Belgariad and The Malorean. Basic fantasy writing with a predictable plot, but the characters have such depth and reality that I half expect to meet them someday.

A book I would take with me if I were stuck on a desert island: Let’s just get the Bible answer out of the way – I would have my laptop with my Bible software (I would plug it in to the outlet in the Starbucks on the island—they are everywhere). This is a tough one . . . how about Celebration of Discipline, Foster. I would want to immerse myself in the spiritual disciplines on a desert island. Or maybe Confessions, Augustine since I haven’t had enough time to digest it yet and I don’t think I will ever have enough time to wrestle with it all.

A book that made me laugh: The Princess Bride, Goldman (the basis for the movie). Read it. You will laugh out loud. So freaking hilarious.

A book that I wish had been written: The Church Jesus Planted – Jesus had a vision that has changed the world. Because of his ministry there have been billions of Christians. But so much of the church has been based on the writings in Acts and the Epistles of Paul. I believe that Acts and the Epistles are corrective and descriptive texts for church, but the teaching of Jesus is prescriptive for church.

Note: if you’ve read this book, tell me I’m planning on writing a paper about this soon.

A book that I wish had never been written: The Redemption of Althalus, Eddings – after loving his previous work, this was such a shallow, disappointing pile. It read like he pulled an all-nighter to turn this in to his creative writing class on time – garbage from a talented man.

A book I’ve been meaning to read: This list is far too long . . . currently at the top of the list: Renovation of the Heart, Willard. Ike’s recommendation holds a lot of weight for me (see above).

I’m currently reading: Searching for God Knows What, Miller; The Making of a Leader, Clinton; Planting Missional Churches, Stetzer; Organic Church, Coles; Wild at Heart/Captivating, Eldredge; Preaching Re-Imagined, Pagett; miscellaneous school books.

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