Saturday, August 12, 2006


So we are off to California today for vacation for a week. We are going to see the wife's family and some friends and mostly just relax. The weird thing is, this vacation has really snuck up on us. With all the drama and busyness of the last few weeks I haven't been anticipating this trip at all.

So our plan right now is to drive to San Diego on Monday and then make a leisurely trip back up the coast to the Bay Area over the next few days. What outdoor type stuff is essential to see on the California coast? We've already vetoed amusement parks (etc.) we just want to be outside and enjoy life without oppressive humidity. We are sorely missing the ocean so if we can include ol' Blue (that's what I call the ocean now) it would be wicked awesome.

In other news: we really need the interwebs at home. We've been without it since the move and it hurts me. I have to walk over to the library (probably a good 100 yards) and that's just not acceptable. How am I supposed to review my on-the-lines activities with all this inconvenience?


KMiV said...

James, if you and Andrea stay in a hotel, most have wireless internet. There are also internet cafes as well as hot zones on the Flying J truck stops.

Have a great time together. Don't forget the 30 minutes of alone time :) :)

Visited at HUGSR today and had a great talk with Dr. Huffard. Sure sorry we didn't get to visit with you all. Will talk soon.

everyday.wonder said...

Dude, how can someone come to the west coast from Memphis and NOT sojourn in the beloved forests of the NW? I've got a nice cup of coffee waiting for you...

James T Wood said...

Sorry about not swinging North on this trip, it was due to finances and time rather than desire.