Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

Have you noticed how much easier life can be when you have a routine? This whole summer I have lived without a routine. I've worked at different times and done all sorts of different things. In all of this I have lost the rhythm of my life. That means that I don't have a place in my days for God stuff. I'm feeling very thirsty and hungry, but I'm not getting any food or drink. I'm also feeling very disconnected from my friends (both blogging friends and real people friends) because I don't have any places in the rhythm of my life to spend time with my friends.

I'm hoping that I will soon have a routine that will allow me to make time for the more important things.

How do you find rhythm in you life? How important is a routine to you?

Saturday, August 12, 2006


So we are off to California today for vacation for a week. We are going to see the wife's family and some friends and mostly just relax. The weird thing is, this vacation has really snuck up on us. With all the drama and busyness of the last few weeks I haven't been anticipating this trip at all.

So our plan right now is to drive to San Diego on Monday and then make a leisurely trip back up the coast to the Bay Area over the next few days. What outdoor type stuff is essential to see on the California coast? We've already vetoed amusement parks (etc.) we just want to be outside and enjoy life without oppressive humidity. We are sorely missing the ocean so if we can include ol' Blue (that's what I call the ocean now) it would be wicked awesome.

In other news: we really need the interwebs at home. We've been without it since the move and it hurts me. I have to walk over to the library (probably a good 100 yards) and that's just not acceptable. How am I supposed to review my on-the-lines activities with all this inconvenience?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


So, right in the middle of such an exciting blog I'm gone . . . like a ninja into the night. The details are too numerous (and probably boring) to recount in this venue, but the short of it is that we were invited to move from our domicile within a week and the insistence of the invitation prompted immediate action. Additionally, the swift transfer of residential accoutrements prevented the continuation of my blog-gistic activities. I hereby offer my sincerest apologies.

More regular bloging will resume as more regular life resumes. Stay tuned . . .