Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Whaddayawanna know?

Ok, so this week I'm taking the History of the American Restoration Movement in school. Since most of my blog-o-sphere are Church-of-Christ-ers, I'm wondering what it is that you want to know about the history of the Churches of Christ. What question has always baffled you? I have access to books and a person with some credentials - I might just be able to help you out.

Ok, I dare you to guess the names of these important Restoration Movement figures:

1. Walter Scott

Walter Scott (1796-1861) came to North America from Scotland in 1818. He was drawn to the work of Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone and joined with them as an evangelist. He was an amazing evangelist and developed the mnemonic device of the Six themes of the gospel:
-Forgiveness of Sins
-Holy Spirit

-Eternal Life
Using this simple message from 1830-1861 He baptized an average of 1000 people a year (Dag, yo!). This morphed into the five points of the gospel (Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, and Be Baptized).

2. Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell (1763-1854)
He studied 3 years at Glasgow University in Scotland and aligned himself with the Presbyterian Church. He came to North America in 1807 ahead of his wife and son (Alexander). He became less and less satisfied with the Presbyterian church and so in 1808 he wrote the “The Declaration and Address” which outlined the principles of rejecting creeds and denominationalism and advocated reading the Bible for all authority and understanding of how Church ought to be practiced.

3. Barton W. Stone

Barton W. Stone was born in Maryland in 1772 he was a young child during the Revolutionary War. He was a minister in the Presbyterian church in 1801 when he attended the Cane Ridge Revival where somewhere between 12,000 and 30,000 people attended in an eccumenical display of Christian faith. There was a lot of ecstatic display (falling down, dancing, laughing in the Spirit, barking, etc.). This made Stone question the staunch doctrines and exclusionary attitudes of the Presbyterian church.

In 1804 he broke from the Presbyterian church all together with the document "The Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery" where he said:

"We will, that this body die, be dissolved, and sink into union with the Body of
Christ at large; for there is but one body, and one Spirit, even as we are
called in one hope of our calling."

He led many people in the same move and they began to call themselves only Christians rejecting the sectarian, denominational names that divided the body of Christ.
4 Alexander Campbell (a.k.a. Beardy-McBearderson).

So Alex Campbell pretty much did it all when it comes to the ol' Retoration Movement. He published a couple of journals (for like 37 years) and taught a bunch of people at Bethany College (which he founded). If you're interested in why the Churches of Christ are what they are you need to start with the life and times of this man.

And "The Beard" would totally own in a thirties-style boxing match.

"I ain't got no dukes."


Ryan Woods said...

I'm not sure about the first one, but after that it's stone, Campbell jr, and Campbell sr.
Right? No?

Lets see...restoration questions... I'll be thinking

Meg said...

I think I know more about the history of the Catholic church than I do the CoC. I'd love to be edumacated!

Unknown said...

Let's see, the first one is troubling me too, was it one of the Christian Connection guys? He looks grizzled enough to be Racoon John Smith, but: no beard. 2. The glasses tell me A Campbell, though the face is older than the pictures I know. 3. The red hair makes me think Stone. 4. Is that Harding? Maybe not, his wife made all his clothing (I mean, wove the wool and everything), maybe it's T Campbell.

I haven't been able to look at RM in 8 years, thanks for the excuse, it was one of my favorite classes; it is where I lost my sectarianism.

James T Wood said...

So far there are a lot of correct names, but only one correct identification: 3. Barton W. Stone.

Mike Lewis said...

Is number 4 Ulrich Zwingli? I have found that today's church follows his opinions more than Stone or the Campbells.

And that 4th guy would win the fight. Long beards always win.

Mike Lewis said...

Number 1 is Walter Scott.

Mike Lewis said...

Number 2 is Thomas Campbell.

James T Wood said...

Mike, nice double dip there - you got #1 and #2 correct. Now we just need to find out who Beardy-McGee really is. He does have to be tough to sport a beard that strong.

Mike Lewis said...

Not "Da Zwing" eh?

Without the beard he looks a lot like the other Campbell, but I've never seen Alex with a beard, but that would now be my new guess.

Tim said...

I'm pretty sure that last one is Alexander Campbell.

James T Wood said...

Tim and Mike are correct - #4 is Alex Campbell - I'll get some more info up later - I have to study for my final now.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Well you named them for us. Walter Scott, Thomas Campbell, Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell as a very old man.

James I am delighted you are taking Stone-Campbell history. I hope you are reading some good books as texts. There is surprising relevance of the quest. See John Mark Hicks recent book (this summer) called "Kingdom Come."

Bobby Valentine

arwen said...

clearly # 4 would win by sheer beardiscosity. Why, yes. Yes I did make that word up...

Unknown said...

See James, I thought they were four pictures of me from my older years.

I hope you are enjoying your class it was in that class I truly realized that in some ways I am a Cambelite and in many I am a Stoner

tabitha jane said...

alexander could beat them all with his beard!

i took this class at cascade from mark love . . . he was a great teacher!

also, did you know that they had women preachers?!?!? they did.

Priscilla said...

cool stuff. jeb took this class from bonnie miller, but i never did. it's all very interesting to me and i feel like i learned something today! thanks james! oh yes, and tabitha, jeb said that they did have women preachers during the restoration or at least that is what bonnie taught! how cool would that be to be so on fire about jesus that even women could preach the gospel! awesome!

James T Wood said...

I dare you to be a women preacher!

tara said...

let it be known- youre all nerds. :)