Monday, July 03, 2006

So, I've been a busy kid

Sorry that I haven't been on here much lately. Last week I worked 50 hours between two jobs and prepared and delivered a sermon at church.

I like my jobs and I love to preach, but it has just been an overwhelming week. I'm looking forward to this week - only 45 hours of job and a final and paper to write! Let the good times roll.


Unknown said...

....and just so you know, you did a great job yesterday!

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

I love you.

You are the champion for working all the live long day AND presenting an awesome sermon!

KMiV said...

Remember the Jamaican family on "In Living Color"? They used to make fun of people who only had 1 job because they had six. They would tease a 6 year old because he "had no jobs" but "I had 3 jobs whe I wazzu your age."

Sounds like "you a-habba tree jobs mon!"