Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I tried, I really tried

I had the day off on Tuesday and I was hanging out with friends. So I tried to watch the World Cup with them (I did watch, I tried to enjoy it). 90 minutes of failed attempts to score yielded no conclusion. 27 more minutes of overtime play and nothing happened. It was only in the last three minutes of the game that anything of any importance occured. In roughly the ammount of time it take for a comercial break the entirety of a two hour game was played. And for all that effort and time and patience, I am rewarded with a 2-0 game.

Holy boring, Batman. There is more excitement on the bird watching channel. I think I could see the grass on the field growing. This should have been the pinacle of all soccer had to offer. This is the World Cup. If any game should have convinced me to enjoy soccer, it should have been this one. Nope. Not for all the horrible acting players (seriously, did they go to the Vlade Divac school of acting?), or for all the impotent footed forwards could I "learn to like it".

Well, you can't say I didn't try.


Mark said...

Hey James,
That's the same complaint that I have about it. I prefer sports that get really high scores. That's why I like Basketball. You could be down by 15, and still be in the game. My wife always comments that many of our sports award lots of points for one goal, such as football, so it IS kind of deceptive. Nevertheless, I know how you feel. Sometimes when a baseball game is a real battle between pitchers, with few hits, that bores me just as badly. I don't know how much your friends were into it, but my wife makes the games a lot more interesting. She screams and hollers and cries and runs around the room. It is gradually growing on me, but I wouldn't watch it if she weren't around. At least you've tried it, and no one can pull the "green eggs and ham" comment on you.

RoniZee said...

Don't hate the playa, hate the game!

.... Oh wait...I guess that's what you are doing....

Lisa said...

well, at least you tried. The thing is... the excitment is in the quest of the goal!!! it may only have a 2-0 score, but you would feel the same about soccer even if each goal was worth 10 points. Its the excitement of what they do to get the ball in the net. The most exciting part of the game is the anticipation.

Oh well, all of us soccer enthusiests will continue on without you. No worries, man, only 2 more World Cup games and you won't hear a single peep about soccer in this country until the next one in 4 years.

Alan said...

Watching paint dry is usually more exciting.

Try Aussie Rules football. Lots of scoring, no helmets, no pads, contact. It used to be on Fox World Sports, but that has given way to nearly all soccer.

James T Wood said...

And it's over - pretty much boring ties all the way to the end. I will truly not miss the presence of soccer.