Tuesday, June 13, 2006

They call me the streak . . .

Ok, no one really calls me the streak, but I was trying to think of a title that is a little bit funny and makes reference to my lack of blogging for about 2 weeks. I could make up some excuses (reading for class and working two jobs) or tell you a story about how the entire interweb has been on the fritz and wouldn't let me post my most witty and insightful thoughts.

Does anyone else find the World Cup incredibly boring? Trinidad and Tobago got really excited about a tie; this is a tie people. No one wins, and no one loses, yay let's all get excited. Stupid soccer.

Do you remember when there were good movies? We had two netflix movies that we watched recently: Alexander and King Arthur. Holy crappy movies, Batman!

Alexander: Oliver Stone should be beaten with a rolled up newspaper and repeatedly told, "No!" and maybe he will learn to stop making bad movies. 3 hours of a movie about the man who conquered the world and I think there were 2 fights (and not a fight within the first hour). There was a bunch of Colin Farrell with puffy hair moping about his mom being mean.

King Arthur: Jerry Bruckheimer, what can I say - you should stick to crappy TV shows (they waist less of my life).

Remember X-3, yeah, that was a good movie. What do you think will be the first spinoff of the X-men franchise? I vote for Wolverine, but I would also be stoked about a Magneto movie. What say you?


Tim said...


Yeah, soccer is pretty stupid. That's not to say that I would be and am really bad at it because I don't have the stamina. I just don't see the point. A 3-hour game to end up with a 1-0 score is retarded.

Jennifer B. Davis said...

I have to vote for any spin-off movie that would have Hugh Jackman in it...although I can't quite get over his Wolverine hair. Eek!

A friend of mine, and many of your readers perhaps, Josh Stump just started a blog to critique movies (and other topics). Maybe it would help you find one worth watching.

Lisa said...

I won't say my true feelings about soccer, you can just read my blog for that, but I will say this: America is THE only country that has no passion for soccer, therefore our team sucks which gives us not much to root for. And its not 3 hours, its 90 minutes. And a tie is good because not only is the tournament based on wins and losses, but a point system, and with a tie, each team gets 1 point which is something to be happy about when you are as small of a country as Trinidad and Tabago which has little hope of doing anything in the world cup.

this post offends me.

P.s. not really, i am just realizing my inner soccer fan and find that I can defend it somehow quite fun and new for me.

Meg said...

Alexander was so bad that we got up and left the theater. But not before I composed an incredible song about it.

Alexander with the bad hair
Ridin' on his horsey
Pissin' off the Persians
Should've listened to his mom!

(sung to the rockin' tune of Little Bunny Foo-Foo, of course)

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Meg- that song was beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye.

Luckily I saved James from part of King Arthur by watching an hour of it without him. I really wanted both of those movies to be really good and they were just really bad.

Sad face.

KMiV said...

I think Oliver Stone and Dan Brown write the same kind of stuff.


arwen said...

James, I know it's cliche, but ... if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. That said, the only thing I don't agree with is the soccer part, so... Oliver Stone can eat a pirate. Or something...

Ryan Woods said...

I don't try to argue with people about soccer (or futebol as it should be called). I felt the exact same way until I was emersed into the game. There is so much to a game of soccer that it is actually the most facinating and exciting sport I've ever watched (and I love watching basketball and football). Just remember that if you don't like soccer you then become just another ignorant american who finds themselves all alone in a world filled with people who love soccer (and not just third world obviously).

Anyway, with that said, I wish I could nerd it up about x3, but I have a baby and instead of watching movies I take naps in piss stained sheets.

Mike Lewis said...

If you play FIFA on PS2 soccer is fun...I score on the other teams like 7-0...lots of scoring, then they dance or the whole team will slide on their bellies on the grass.

That said, I haven't watched one World Cup Soccer game.

Wolverine will make them more money quicker, so he would be my prediction.

I remember getting my hopes up for these movies too...including Troy. I just wish that the "epics" would be good again like Braveheart, the Patriot and Gladiator.

They keep trying too hard and then the movies suck it Trebek style. Cars should be good though.

RoniZee said...

I heart soccer!!!

And this from the girl who would rather die than watch any other sport...except maybe ice skating or gymnastics. That's right, ICE SKATING.

You should go to an actual soccer game...then you might see the love.

Lisa said...

but if you go to an actual futbol game, it has to be in another country, not here. USA soccer sucks. I am a traitor.

James T Wood said...

I've been to soccer games before. I know about the rules and the strategies and all that stuff. I can appreciate a great corner kick or whatever. The problem is that I can watch all of the good stuff on SportsCenter in about 5 minutes (from all of the soccer matches from the year).

Lisa, why would I want to go to a riot in a foreign land? I would rather go to a riot in the USA so that the DVD's I steal will work in my player.

Maybe Woverine should play soccer, that would be some fun; stabby, slashy, adamantium fun.

Lisa said...

its only a riot in england or scotland. you may get killed there. but most other places its safe.

its ok to not like soccer. its not like you in the minority or anything. we soccer fans are the minority in this country, i accept it.

Ryan Woods said...

I hate the sports center highlights of soccer. The greatest thing is the anticipation. At any moment something big could happen, one big mistake and the games over. The game is on the edge for 90 minutes (which is another great bonus. Soccer games have no commercials, they can't get draged on for hours like some american games). Watching a highlight of a guy hitting it in with his head is boring if you don't have the surprise/anticipation/team play/spacing/mistakes/pinpoint passes/dribbling/etc that goes into that single moment.

Mmmm, I'm getting excited as I write.

Tim said...

I am so ignorant for not feeling the anticipation during a soccer game, even after watching tons of them from all over the world.

It's just like the people who don't like baseball. It's a preference. Until someone understands the difficulty of the game, the incredible accuracy, speed, and skill it takes to throw a curveball, the skill and power it takes to hit a homerun (or a single, for that matter) and the skill and speed to run down a fly ball, then my boredom from a soccer match from any country remains.

...except I know I can never play soccer, because I appreciate the stamina, strategy, and skill it takes. It doesn't mean I can't think it's a stupid game just because of the volume of people who watch it. I've learned long ago that sports have less to do with the game and more to do with the feeling of being a part of something.

As Jerry Seinfeld says, we're rooting for clothes.

Unknown said...

I totally understand why most people don't enjoy watching soccer, but I love it. I used to record British league soccer and then watch it later. I thought the Trinidad & Tobogo game was great! Then again, my mom had to stop standing me in the corner when I was a kid because I found the wall paper too interesting and wouldn't leave the corner when my time was up (yes, it is true).

James T Wood said...

So, Ty, what you're saying is staring at wall papers is more exciting than soccer? I couldn't agree more.