Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some things that make my life a little easier

PookMail: So you know those online forms that make you give your e-mail address in order to get something? It's especially bad if they promise to e-mail you the cupon or whatever so you can't give them a fakie e-mail address. Fret no longer, pookmail is here. What you do is give them an address like: and then if you need to check that e-mail you go over to and enter your made up e-mail address and the e-mail should be there for you. At the end of the day all the pookmail e-mails will be deleted and any future spam will not go to your inbox. Sweet!

Freebies: It's nice to get free stuff, for pretty much doing nothing but asking for it. I found a website that is contstantly updating with freebies that you can sign up for (use the above tip to avoid all the spam). I've gotten a free swiffer, free dog food, free contact lens solution, free post-it notes, free starbucks double-shot, free Stix candy, and that's all I can remember. Go to: this site and look for the things that you want. It takes a while to get the ball rolling since most of these will arive in 6-8 weeks, but then you get a neat little suprise in the mail every once in a while and since people don't write letters anymore it make the mail a little more fun to go and get.

Blog Aggregator: Ryan beat me to this topic, but I will add that I love using a blog aggregator. I use since I move computers every once in a while and it allows me to take my blogs with me. I can put all the blogs and news sites that I keep up with into one place and then see when there are updates. It's great and I love it. I was able to catch up with most of the blogging that I had missed during finals in just a little while and it was all in one place waiting for me. Joy of joys.


arwen said...

my solution to the pookmail (my version of it anyway) is called YahooMail. I just use it for junk (or potential junk) mail then I only check it about once a month, take what I want and leave it at that.

KMiV said...

Hey, this is good info--free stuff!

Hope you are enjoying the summer.