Saturday, April 01, 2006

Birthday Wish List

I want you all to get a jump on shopping for my birthday present (only 77 days left - Paula for the way you count that's 34).

Just short of a coffee-IV. Grad school is hard for me and sometimes the coffee gives me indigestion if I don't eat something first. Having caffine delivered by an inhaler would be great. Also, caffine helps me to control my migraine headaches so this would be a double bonus. Give me a buzz.

RFID blocking T-shirt:
I'm a-skeert of the mind-control, privacy-invading powers of Walmart and the government. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags will be the mark of the beast (which is an evil robot by the way). For only $17 you can help me be protected from all manner of evil. Hook-a-brutha-up

Why should Mario have all the fun? I want to have some extra lives too! Think about how much easier life would be with more of them; I could do all the fun stuff that I'm affraid of now (like skydiving, bungee jumping, eating at McDonalds) and not have to worry about the responsibility crap (exercize, study, spiritual disciplines). Hit my [?] brick!


breanna said...

you find the funnest things.

Unknown said...

Dude I want the mushrooms that make you big and the flower that gives you fireballz.

tabitha jane said...

ummmm . . . where are the pictures from your trip?

also, you left your boutinneir . . .uh how do you spell that? ok, you left your little yellow flower pin thing in my apartment . . . did you want to save it? i could send it to you

Tim said...

I want the leaf from Mario 3 that turns you into a raccoon and lets you fly. Even better, the super raccoon wings that let you fly indefinitely and find the secret warps.

PapaPeters said...

umm how about a she-bot finding device

Jennifer B. Davis said...

So, on the anti-RFID front, I am envisioning another only semi-serious product called "RFID Repellant." It comes in an aerosol can and when sprayed on an offending RFID tag, it does something that renders it useless(encapsulates the signal, electrically fries it, sends a fake signal, something). I can imagine the advertisements now. It might have to ship with a "mood ring"-style device that glows blue when in proximity to an RFID tag, so that they could be identified. Ha, ha.