Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Robot Defender"

Ok, I know that I have left you all woefully underinformed and undefended against all things robo. I shall attempt to live up to my calling in life and keep you abreast of the actions of the enemy (yea, even before they know they are the enemy).

Behold the "Robo-snakes": Let all your toilet lids be kept closed.

Korea is pushing forward with their plans to create a wirelessly networked robot army - sure, it looks all nice, but when Skynet calls, it's door answering and media playing skills may turn deadly (like if it played country music - that would suck!).

Robots in disguise (more than meets the eye)! Shouldn't we know by now that the only good robots are 4 million year old cars and trucks? Insects, boomboxes, planes, and guns are clearly going to be evil.

Finally, in some good news - we are at least trying to pit the robots against one another. Perhaps they will fight and weaken each other to such an extent that their final victory will not take place in my lifetime (and after that, who really cares? Not me!).


Meg said...

You need to pronounce it correctly. It's BO-bots, according to Master Matthew. ;)

arwen said...

i love your robot army warnings. they leave me feeling terrible insecure and suspicious of all things electronic in my home...

PapaPeters said...

I don't trust you at all you live with a shebot I've warned ou once but you don't believe me.