Thursday, March 23, 2006


So I had intended this to be a wicked awesome photo blog about my journey to the land of Salem/Portland, but since I've only taken one photo so far that will have to wait for a bit (give me a break, I've only been here one day).

Awake: 3:30am (this is too early in case you were curious)
Drive to Little Rock
Fly to Phoenix
Fly to Portland
Ride from Portland to Salem with Tim's mom: she's a very talkative lady, which is good since I was tired and didn't have too may coherant words left. We had a wide ranging conversation . . . yeah . . .
"Lunch" with Tim and the Mother - mmmmm the only meal I ate all day
McMenamin's (sp?) - they are awesome, and seemingly everywhere here. This one was a converted old house from the 20's.
Summit - I got to hang out with the Cascade Hills crew at Summit, which was cool - we talked about "The Village"
Sleep: 12:00am PST (2:00am my body's time).

Pictures later - breakfast now.


Rebecca said...

I didn't know you were going to be here! I'm so excited to see you!

Paula said...

I didn't know you were going to be there, either! And I'm excited to see you, too! I'll be in Salem sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. I'll be in the kitchen at the church working on some flowers, so come and say hi!

Mike Lewis said...

I'm sorry that you had to ride all the way from Portland to Salem with my mom...that's like a donkey kick to the head.

Oh, um...I mean...really fun!

Rebecca said...

Michael! You should be nicer than that. This is your mother you are talking about.

arwen said...

I think they should change "Portland" to McMennimanPhilKnightLand, Oregon. McMennimans kind of owns the whole Northwestern part of Oregon... I highly encourage The Kennedy School just cause it's cool.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...


I would be willing to be kicked in the head by a donkey if I could be in McMennimanPhilKnightLand.

Sad face.

I miss my husband!

tabitha jane said...

i miss my husband too!! he left for arizona last night . . . sniff.

james, call me when you come to portland! i'd LOVE to have coffee/beer/whatever with you!

and if you still need a place to stay, i will move out of my apartment and you can stay there (i can't sleep there when jon's not home anyway . . . i'm thinking of just going to stay with a friend based on the amount (or lack thereof) of sleep i got last night)

KMiV said...

Hey you could have taken the Betty Bus to Little Rock!

Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding rehearsal tonight and webbing tomorrow. Can't beat Busters' Barbeque for dinner!


James T Wood said...

I too am excited to see and be seen - let the rejoicing ensue.

Rebecca, way to stick up for your mom, she was really nice to pick me up and drive me to Salem.

I miss my wife, she's cute and nice and the boys here smell bad and fart alot.

Tabitha, that would be awesome (on both counts) I'll call you maybe on Sunday or Saturday to arrange things.

Ron, what is the "Betty Bus" of which you speak?