Wednesday, February 08, 2006


What could have been . . .

You've probably noticed that I was wrong in my previous prediction. What a pity.

After having a few days to process what was, I've decided that I was borderline obsessed with the Seahawks in the month of January. I probably could have been a lot more productive . . . blah, blah, blah. I really enjoyed it, but win or lose it's over now and I can get back to things that are actually important.

Comments about the game:
  • The Seahawks did not play "their game" they passed way too much and didn't let Alexander run enough.
  • The Refs missed some calls and made some bad calls. Mike Holmgren said that he didn't know the Seahawks were going to have to play the refs as well as the Steelers.
  • The Steelers made some huge plays.
  • The Seahawks droped some huge plays/missed some important field goals.

I won't be "that guy" who blames the loss on the refs or something other than the Seahawks not getting it done. Mistakes = losses. But I will say that it would have been easier for the 'Hawks to overcome their mistakes without the "help" from the zebras.

So now it's time to turn my sports attention to . . . *sigh* the Seattle Supersonics . . . or my X-box . . . or maybe I should just be productive and read a good book.


Tim said...

My Xbox is broken, but I have wedding plans to keep me busy.

You get fitted for a tux yet?

KMiV said...

I have to admit--it was a good game.
A couple of different calls and they could have won.

Unknown said...

shut up, shut up... You had me at, "You've probably noticed that I was wrong..."

PapaPeters said...

Um can i say I can't believe they kept passing to their can't catch tight end... But the calls were terrible. I couldn't believe it but I agree they didn't play there game I believe they actually let the refs change their game plan not the steelers.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Tim- Do your wedding plans involve getting the Xbox fixed? Every girl dreams of having a game console put to use during her wedding.
Okay so I was kidding about that.

By the way, your invitations are BEAUTIFUL.
Not kidding!