Friday, February 03, 2006

One Last Prediction

Superbowl XL kicks off on Sunday, so I had to post my prediction for all of my faithful Seahawks fans out there . . . [taptaptap] . . . is this thing on?

But seriously folks . . . So I'm going to try to be more detailed on my predictions - the way I see it, that's just more chances for me to be wrong. But it also gives a nice story for people to read, so it's not all bad.

Ok, here's the way I see it:

Quarter #1
Steelers start with the ball and procede to pass down the field to the 30 yard line, but then Seattle's secondary tightens up and holds the Steelers to a field goal.
Seattle gets the ball and works Holmgren's 15 scripted plays (he scripts the first 15 plays of every game). It looks stupid to run on 3rd and 5, but that's what the script says, so that's what they do, Alexander breaks one for 9 yards. Seattle marches down with a balanced attack and puts up 7.

Second Quarter: 7-3 Seattle
The Steelers can't produce anything on offense, but their defense keeps them in the game by only allowing Seattle a field goal.

Third Quarter: 10-3 Seattle
Cowher makes some adjustments and the Steelers come back with a vengence. Seattle goes 3 and out and then Pittsburgh drives down for a quick touchdown. Seattle still can't get it going on offense and Hasselbeck gets sacked to force another punt. At this point Cowher makes a mistake by trying to throw the ball again and get another quick score. Lofa Tatupu recognizes the play that burned him last time and sits on the route and picks off the pass. Fired up the Seahawks drive down the short field to get a touchdown.

Fourth Quarter: 17-10 Seattle
Roethlisberger gets more desperate and tries to put his team on his shoulders . . . 23 year old shoulders can't handle it. He's sacked trying to make a play and then throws another interception. Seattle gives the ball to Alexander to run the clock down and chew through the Steelers' remaining time-outs.

Final Score: 20-10 Seattle

The important things that I see happening:

  • Seattle's defense will out perform anyone's expectations and force at least two turnovers.
  • The Steelers will never have a lead to permit them to estabilish their running game.
  • Roethlisberger will cost his team the game by trying to do too much; he's just too young playing a too high of a level in too big of a game.
  • Alexander will have a great day: 125 yards and 2 touchdowns.


Ike Graul said...
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KMiV said...

I hope you are right James.

Did you know that Mack Strong is a member of the Seattle Church of Christ?
Ron Clark

Unknown said...

Sorry James,

Black and Gold 4-life

Tim said...

Even Ben thinks the Hawks got screwed.

Ben doesn't think so either

tabitha jane said...

or try this prediction:
the refs call unfairly the entire game and even though the seahawks beat the steelers, they lost to the refs and, sadly, there is nothing we can do about it.