Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Killer Bots have been released

One begins to wonder if your levels of panic are sufficiently elevated. SkyNet has released its first killing machines - built for one thing - search and destroy. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Witness the wrath of the Tick-Killer-Bot (of death).

A shiny nickle to the one who can find the movie quote (postage and handling not included, void in states that were a primary color in the last election)

Friday, February 17, 2006



This may be true, I have yet to verify this website. But if it is true . . . holy crap! I would totally vote for Christopher Walken for President. I approve of his politics, but most importantly: he doesn't need this. That's right, to me the primary qualification for presidential cantidates should be their lack for need/desire to be president. Too many people want to be president for power or because the are from a political family. But the ones who will do a good job, don't need it.

Apart from the rational reason, I really want to listen to Walken campaign. "This country have a fever, and the only cure--is me as president." Can't you just hear it? Oh, man--think about him sitting across the barganing table from world leaders--"Scootch closer, ambasador, I won't ask you a second time."

*I got this from a wicked-awesome-friend's blog.

Sleep on it

"Complex decisions are best left to your unconscious mind to work out, according to a new study, and over-thinking a problem could lead to expensive mistakes."

"Thinking hard about a complex decision that rests on multiple factors appears to bamboozle the conscious mind so that people only consider a subset of information, which they weight inappropriately, resulting in an unsatisfactory choice. In contrast, the unconscious mind appears able to ponder over all the information and produce a decision that most people remain satisfied with."

I concur, thinking is bad. I quit.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Made to strike fear into your heart

Now the robotic hordes are getting battle-steeds on which they will ride us down and trample our heads into the ground. Fair ye well in the conflict to come.

Butterscotch the Robotic Pony (of Death)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


What could have been . . .

You've probably noticed that I was wrong in my previous prediction. What a pity.

After having a few days to process what was, I've decided that I was borderline obsessed with the Seahawks in the month of January. I probably could have been a lot more productive . . . blah, blah, blah. I really enjoyed it, but win or lose it's over now and I can get back to things that are actually important.

Comments about the game:
  • The Seahawks did not play "their game" they passed way too much and didn't let Alexander run enough.
  • The Refs missed some calls and made some bad calls. Mike Holmgren said that he didn't know the Seahawks were going to have to play the refs as well as the Steelers.
  • The Steelers made some huge plays.
  • The Seahawks droped some huge plays/missed some important field goals.

I won't be "that guy" who blames the loss on the refs or something other than the Seahawks not getting it done. Mistakes = losses. But I will say that it would have been easier for the 'Hawks to overcome their mistakes without the "help" from the zebras.

So now it's time to turn my sports attention to . . . *sigh* the Seattle Supersonics . . . or my X-box . . . or maybe I should just be productive and read a good book.

Friday, February 03, 2006

One Last Prediction

Superbowl XL kicks off on Sunday, so I had to post my prediction for all of my faithful Seahawks fans out there . . . [taptaptap] . . . is this thing on?

But seriously folks . . . So I'm going to try to be more detailed on my predictions - the way I see it, that's just more chances for me to be wrong. But it also gives a nice story for people to read, so it's not all bad.

Ok, here's the way I see it:

Quarter #1
Steelers start with the ball and procede to pass down the field to the 30 yard line, but then Seattle's secondary tightens up and holds the Steelers to a field goal.
Seattle gets the ball and works Holmgren's 15 scripted plays (he scripts the first 15 plays of every game). It looks stupid to run on 3rd and 5, but that's what the script says, so that's what they do, Alexander breaks one for 9 yards. Seattle marches down with a balanced attack and puts up 7.

Second Quarter: 7-3 Seattle
The Steelers can't produce anything on offense, but their defense keeps them in the game by only allowing Seattle a field goal.

Third Quarter: 10-3 Seattle
Cowher makes some adjustments and the Steelers come back with a vengence. Seattle goes 3 and out and then Pittsburgh drives down for a quick touchdown. Seattle still can't get it going on offense and Hasselbeck gets sacked to force another punt. At this point Cowher makes a mistake by trying to throw the ball again and get another quick score. Lofa Tatupu recognizes the play that burned him last time and sits on the route and picks off the pass. Fired up the Seahawks drive down the short field to get a touchdown.

Fourth Quarter: 17-10 Seattle
Roethlisberger gets more desperate and tries to put his team on his shoulders . . . 23 year old shoulders can't handle it. He's sacked trying to make a play and then throws another interception. Seattle gives the ball to Alexander to run the clock down and chew through the Steelers' remaining time-outs.

Final Score: 20-10 Seattle

The important things that I see happening:

  • Seattle's defense will out perform anyone's expectations and force at least two turnovers.
  • The Steelers will never have a lead to permit them to estabilish their running game.
  • Roethlisberger will cost his team the game by trying to do too much; he's just too young playing a too high of a level in too big of a game.
  • Alexander will have a great day: 125 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I was made for this

If you've never had an I-was-made-for-this moment, then I'm sorry for you. I had one on Monday and another one yesterday. I was doing ministry; I was being God's hands and voice to people. All I can say is that is what I was made to do. I can't give you the details of the ministry that I was doing, but the words I said came from God and I was used by him for his work.

Go ahead and argue with me about how God doesn't speak to us except through the Bible. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will control us and gives us strength to do ministry and words to speak on God's behalf. There is nothing greater than being controled by the Spirit and getting to watch God do his thing.

I was made for this.