Monday, January 23, 2006

This made me laugh

Just a short quote from an article in the Tacoma News Tribune:

"Mike Holmgren and his staff put together the plan Sunday that lifted this team to the Super Bowl.
Here’s how thorough a coach Holmgren is:
With a few minutes left in the game, the outcome already determined, when players started to look around for the Gatorade buckets to give Holmgren the ceremonial dousing, none was to be found.
Could Holmgren, thinking ahead, have advised staff members to get the buckets off the sideline in the late going if the Seahawks had the lead?
Count on it.
That, fans, is attention to detail. It’s the kind of thing that gets teams to the Super Bowl."


Paula said...

That's Awesome. I love that guy, even if he does look EXACTLY like a walrus. :)

breanna said...

i have absolutely nothing to say about anything having to do with football. but i did want to say that i like you and i'm glad we're friends, and i continue to hold my breath until you and mrs. hottie mchot move back (the house next door just went up for sale....hint hint).

and thanks for being an encouraging blog friend in addition to real life friend. you're multi-friendlial. and that's neato! (and also i'm on narcotic coughing i'm realizing my comment likely makes no sense at all)