Monday, January 09, 2006

Pigskin Prognostication

My apologies to those of my readers who don't care about football. I'm really excited about how well the Seahawks are doing right now, so my blog will reflect my feelings. I'll still try to pepper in some of the other stuff that keeps you all happy and quiescent.
Since my predictions for the end of the Seahawks season were correct, I thought I would try my hand at the playoffs. This Saturday the Seahawks take on the Washington Redskins in Seattle. Washington is the only team still in the playoffs to beat Seattle this year (20-17 in Overtime in Washington). I think this will be a tight game, but Holmgren will call plays to wear down the beat up defense of Washington and Seattle will pull away in the fourth quarter. Seattle: 24 Washington: 17.

Then Chicago will play Carolina on Sunday. This is a tough game for me to pick, but I'm going to give Carolina the edge since they are playing really well right now (shutting out NY at home was a huge feat). But with Chicago it will still be a defensive dogfight the whole time. Carolina: 13 Chicago: 9

New England has too much confidence to lose to Denver, even at Denver. NE: 30 Denver: 21

Indy will win one for the Gipper . . . er . . . the Dung-er(?) and crush the Steelers under an arial onslaught. Indy: 35 Pitt: 14

Then in the AFC Championship game Indy will parlay homefield advantage into a squeaker of a win over a fired up Patriots squad. Indy will kick a game winning field goal in overtime after NE misses a field goal at the end of regulation. Indy: 23 NE: 20
In the NFC Championship Carolina will come to Seattle overconfident from their previous wins. They will fall behind early and never quite catch up despite several solid tries. Seattle's defense will give up quite a few yards, but not many touchdowns. Alexander will run through and over them, he can smell the Superbowl. Seattle: 30 Carolina: 23
Then in the big game, Superbowl XL, the two best teams in the country will display ridiculous amounts of offense. I predict USC-Texas like production from both teams. The deciding factor will be the phenomenal red zone defense of the Seahawks. They will use the goal line as another defender to strengthen their loose secondary and shut down Indy's drives at the 20 yard line.
Superbowl XL: Seattle: 38 Indianapolis: 30

Alexander runs for his record 28th touchdown


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apology accepted!

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