Saturday, January 14, 2006

One down . . .

Two to go!

The Seahawks won their first playoff game since 1984 on Saturday night.

They host the NFC Champoinship game next weekend.

It's good to be a Seahawks fan right now.


Mike Lewis said...

I dunno...the Panthers are pretty friggin' tough to beat.

Tim said...

I'll have to say James, you were pretty accurate on the Hawks-Skins game, but were off on the score of the Panthers-Bears and picked the wrong team for the other two.

A Chicago-bruised, limping Carolina team will have a hard time beating Seattle.

Basically any of those other teams could have won, but none of them will beat the Seahawks.

James T Wood said...

I was hoping to avoid the discussion of my inaccurate AFC picks. I blame it on kids today. Stupid kids.

I think four games were just too many for me to pick. I'll cut down to only picking two this week.

Tim said...

I was just saying that you picked accurately on the only game that mattered.