Saturday, January 28, 2006

No. 12

I now hate Texas A&M.

Prior to this I had no real like or dislike of the Aggies, but they have moved to my "list" with their ridiculous attack on the Seahawks' fans.

They filed for the trademark for "the 12th man" in 1990 to prevent any other football team from using the phrase.

The Seahawks retired the number 12 in 1984 in honor of their fans and have been hoisting a flag with "12" on it to celebrate the impact the fans have on the team.

So, "Athletic Director Bill Byrne wrote on an Aggie Web site Wednesday that the university would tackle 'the Seattle Seahawks' brazen use of the 12th Man theme at their home playoff games.'
The university has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Seahawks."

Therefore I now despise the Aggies.

First of all, they trademarked "the 12th man" not the theme or "12" or anything like that. Second, they didn't have a problem with things until the 'Hawks got to the Superbowl; it's been twenty-two years that the No. 12 jersey has been retired. This didn't just happen. Finally, "Aggie" is a stupid mascot (ok, I didn't really have a third point, but I felt like three would round out the rhetoric nicely).

So, in summary: The Aggies have made the list alongside the other teams that I hate (Lakers, Yankees, Cowboys, Fighting Irish, you have a new friend). May the freaking Aggies choke on their court orders and their cease-and-desist letters and their trademarked fans.

Update: The Seattle Times has a great comment on this issue. Here are a few quotes that made me laugh:

"Surely there are things more important in this world to worry about than whether the Seahawks have ripped off your trademarked "12th Man" idea.
Things like the decline of education in this country, the unrelenting problems in the Middle East and the fact you guys can't beat Texas."

"And while you're at it, why not patent some cheers like "Hold that line," or "Block that kick." Or "Hit 'em again. Hit 'em again. Harder. Harder." And sue any cheerleading team that dares to use them."


PapaPeters said...

hmmm don't know to think about this one, you hate my favorites except the cowboys I hate them too.
Though I'll agree on the aggies a copyright has nothing to do with a the number 12. They better sue the I.R.S. fo including 12 in their calculations or my old crazy math professor because he he know ever possible combinations of numbers -100 through 100 that equal 12. Oh and also every real football player with the number 12. Or even all canadians because they go to grade 12. really I'm going to make a copyright on the "cold side of the pillow" so I can sue espn eveerytime they use my saying. Also see rebecca marie she invented the 12th man....

Tim said...

Now I'm going to enjoy even more being in Texas for the Superbowl. What a bunch of whining idiots. They're just mad because the Texans and the Cowbows both sucked big time this year. Oh the Aggies sucked too.

Unknown said...

They will then sue Jesus for Having 12 disciples and God for having 12 tribes in Israel.

KMiV said...

Now I know why Texans tell so many Aggie jokes!!


Mike Lewis said...

Next A&M will be saying they invented the internet, then Al Gore will sue them...

They'll know what it feels like...