Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Flight of the Bumble Bee

I'm astounded by the way that the media can spin things. They took this article about a scientific examination of the aerodynamics of honeybee flight and turned it into this article about how Inteligent Design is a position only held by the mentally deficient. Oddly enough I was able to find the source article in just a couple of minutes yet it is not linked on the second article even though they have several links to other things.

So here's the summary for the link-clicking-impared: Bumble bees actually can fly (there's an old urban legend that states that according to science bumble bees should be unable to . Some insect flight researchers set up a bunch of cameras and figured out that bees flap their wings really fast but in a short arc (compared to other bugs that flap their wings more slowly but in a bigger arc). Then Sara Goudarzi over at Live Science decides to take that little piece of research and use it to attack intelligent design. I guess some people in the ID camp have used this myth about science being unable to explain bee-flight, so this story is perfect fodder for Sara to use to counter attack the ID crew.

*sigh* is anyone else just tired of ID from both sides of the issue? To tell you the truth I don't really care if the schools teach ID or not. I haven't looked into the ID texts, but I can't see that they would add too much of substance to a biology class. Everyone gets to learn about midochondrial dna and ribonucleaic acid; changing on paragraph in the front of the book isn't going to make a big difference to the kids who sleep through half the class anyway.


Unknown said...

James I hate to say it but I agree with your final comment, what is wrong with one paragraph.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

What I don't understand is; who is it that thinks that adding ID to schools is such a great idea? Is this supposed to be some sort of ideal compromise?
Intelligent Design is just God by another name and does not smell as sweet.

Mike Lewis said...

I don't mind if it is taught, but the ID-ers are making Christians look like a bunch of asses right now.

Instead of forcing it into the school, the kids should be talking to their friends and creating a relationship where this can be shared in a loving way and CAN include Jesus.