Friday, December 16, 2005

The Seahawks are the Best Team in Football

I know that's a bold claim, but I think it's true. They outscored their last two opponents by 80 points (the Colts did exactly half that). Until they rested their startes for three of their last 8 quarters they had the top offence in the NFL (they are still second). Their defense has the most sacks and the number 2 redzone defense (after Chicago who doesn't have the offense to back it up *cough*Pittsburgh*cough*).

They have the number one rusher in the league (Shaun Alexander).

And they just got their top receiver back (Darrell Jackson)

They have too many weapons to stop on offense and their defense is playing out of their mind right now. The Seahawks have just about wrapped up homefield advantage through the playoffs (a homefield advantage that caused the Giants to commit 11 false starts).

So, here's my prediction: the Seahawks will easily beat Tennessee and will beat the second string of Indianapolis (Dungee will rest his starters), and then Seattle will lose to Green Bay on New Years day (because they will have wrapped up home field and Holmgren will rest the boys after their night of partying).

In the playoffs the Seattle crowd will disrupt the incomming offenses and Seattle will win close games (which they've proved they can do against Dallas and New York).

Superbowl XL: Seattle: 38 Indianapolis: 30

Update: So far so good. Seattle wins and the Colts lose on Sunday. Only time will tell, but I'm feeling like it finally here. Being a Seahawks fan has been a hard road - no titles, and no playoff wins since 1984 (I was 5 years old).

Update (again): Merry Christmas to Seattle! Home field advantage through the playoffs, and a chance to rest and get healthy in the three weeks between now and their first playoff game. The predictions are still intact.


rebecca marie said...

funny, i just posted a comment over at mike's blog in regard to the colts and the seahawks.

this season is so...odd.

Tim said...

I think you may be right. The only thing keeping me from disagreeing is that the Colts have the second highest PA only to the Bears. We'll see how they fare against each other.

tabitha jane said...

thanks for the christmas card! you two are the best!

James T Wood said...

RM: I don't understand it, but I just have to go with it. Every once in a while the true fans are rewarded . . .

Tim: After Sunday the Colts PA is 4 behind Chicago and only two ahead of Seattle. Seattle currently is 4th on the PA list and 1st on total offense.

What's crazy is that when I'm going to be in Tacoma the Seahawks won't be on TV. Stupid blackout!

TJ: You are totaly welcome (by saying that I do not take any credit for purchasing, addressing, signing, stamping, or mailing any of the aforementioned holiday season greeting impliments)!

Tim said...

That's per game, but you're right, it's a lot closer. It's virtually a 4 way tie for 4th place. Seattle will have to bring their best pass defense if they want to win. Indianapolis will have to try to stop Alexander. Whoever does each of these things best will win.

James T Wood said...

Also, the one team to beat the Colts has gotten to Manning a bunch. San Diego is 3rd in sacks per game . . . guess who's first. Yup, your Seattle Seahawks. That bodes well.

PapaPeters said...

umm who cares about regular season buddy not hating the seahawks they are entertaining and I have enjoyed watching them slowly improve while my niners have evaporated. Though this cgame has no importance to colts except getting some timing I think the seahawks regulars beat up on the colts 2nd and 3rd team 45-24